CNN is now calling on Hillary for her electoral tampering role … they are even better

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I don’t think you can stand up and take this news – it’s very tragic.

CNN, which is now trying to become a “real news” network, is now calling Queen Bee, Hillary Clinton for the lead role in Russia’s deception, and how she is right, after spreading fake news, including Russian hoaxes.

It’s electoral interference, people … that’s all, and you dare not tell anyone else.

We always know that, don’t we? But we got confirmation of Hillary’s part in this Russia Hawks bullshit, when her former 2016 campaign manager Robbie Mook testified at the Durham trial on Friday.

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He threw old Hillary to the wolves and CNN is actually reporting on it.

Here is what CNN said:

Hillary Clinton personally approved her campaign plan to share information with a journalist about an unsupported so-called server backchannel between Donald Trump and a top Russian bank in the autumn of 2016, her former publicity manager testified in federal court on Friday.

Robbie Mook says he attended a meeting with other senior campaign officials where they learned about the bizarre cyber-activity that suggested a relationship between the Moscow-based Trump organization and Alpha Bank. The group decided to share the information with a reporter, and Mook later made that decision himself.
“We discussed this with Hillary,” Mook said, adding that “she agreed with the decision.”

A campaign worker later shared the information with a reporter for Slate Magazine, who said the campaign hoped reporters would “examine it, and write down what they believe,” Mook said.

Slate released a story on October 31, 2016, which raised questions about the bizarre Trump-alpha cyber link. Following the story, Clinton tweeted about it and released a statement saying, “This secret hotline could be the key to unraveling the mystery of Trump’s relationship with Russia.”

Here is Hillary Rumors Tweet:

Journalist Glenn Greenwald said: “Hillary’s campaign not only used the media and the FBI to spread this lie (the FBI investigated and quickly determined that it was a fabrication), but Hillary herself used Twitter to spread this confusion through a viral tweet. (Of course)) without a label: “

And here’s Hillary’s Big Fat lie: “Computer scientists have apparently discovered a secret server that linked the Trump organization to a Russian-based bank.”

And that wasn’t the only tweet. Hillary tweeted a lot about it, and so did Biden’s former “minister of truth.”

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Let me remind you that Slate is a left-to-left “cook / fringe” website… the only site that will publish this rubbish. Everyone else passed, and for good reason, it was completely fake.

Have you noticed the time? This crazy garbage post was at 1:23 am.

Excellent “Minister of Disinformation,” Joe.

Now, just because CNN is doing their job now, it doesn’t give them a clean bill of health.

I applaud anyone who is trying to make that cesspool better than the CIA propagandist, but if CNN really wants a second chance, they have to humble themselves before the American people and apologize for spreading fake news and propaganda and behaving like a shameless superpack. . For the Democrat Party.

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Until they do, everything else doesn’t make much sense.

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