CNN has announced the first “operational change” they are preparing to become more “honest”

CNN’s new owners are determined to tarnish the network’s reputation for “fake news” propaganda, thanks to the network’s insane TDS leadership and CNN actors who pretend to report the news.

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They promised to clear things up and bring CNN back to its “glorious days” when they actually reported the news.

Most people are probably not old enough to remember this, but it is true. There was a time when CNN was not seen to choose any party in politics, although my guess is that the CIA has been conducting them secretly all the time. After all, most media is propaganda.

But the new owners definitely don’t want to go down this “National Inquirer” road anymore, so they’re promising change, and today, they’ve introduced one of the first new changes.

Today, they announced that CNN would not blast everything they reported as “breaking news.”

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Axios reports that CNN’s new boss Chris Leach says that as of today, CNN has added a “Breaking News” guide to its stylebook, to address the excessive use of breaking news banners across its network and simply news writ-large.

Why it’s important: Licht and Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Jaslav prefers to dial into CNN’s biased programming in favor of traditional journalism.

“We are honest, we focus on informing our viewers without worrying,” he said in a note obtained by Axios.
“You’ve already seen a lot less ‘Breaking News’ banners throughout our programming.”

Details: Licht says he agrees with complaints from “people inside and outside the organization” that the network uses excessive “breaking news” banners.

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“It has become such a fixture in every channel and network that its impact on viewers is lost.”

It may seem small, but it is not.

Nonstop “Breaking News” Kieron was a specific propaganda tool …

Things like this:

Breaking News: Trump had 2 scoops of ice cream !!!!

Hey, this may not be a world-destroying change, but it is significant.

They are clearly moving away from the “tabloid” news.

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At this point, any improvements to the catastrophic and dangerous CNN are welcome.

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