Clinton’s top aide’s so-called “suicide” case reopened for new investigation

This crazy story just kept getting crazy.

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The so-called “suicide” of Clinton’s former top aide and the man who first brought Jeffrey Epstein to the White House has reopened, according to a new report.

The man’s name was Mark Middleton and he lived in Littleler, Arkansas.

He was closely associated with Clinton and was convicted of child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Mr Middleton was found hanging from a tree with a shotgun in his chest.

Why on earth was it called “suicide” so early?

His business partners did not believe it was a suicide and they are calling for an investigation into the case by an anonymous independent source… these poor people are afraid they will be killed next.

Okay, now, Radar Online is exclusively reporting that the case has been reopened:

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The death of the bizarre suicide linked to billionaire Perv Jeffrey Epstein, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, is now an “open” investigation, Radar can exclusively report.

The turning point comes after a series of explosive stories questioning the suicide of Clinton financier Mark Middleton, who was found hanging from a tree on May 7 with a shotgun in his chest and an extension cord around his neck. learned of the surprise turn when it filed a Freedom of Information request with the Perry County Sheriff’s Department and demanded a copy of the police report and a photo of the crime scene on a 1,100-acre farm adjacent to the former president just outside Perry, Arkansas.

In response to an email, Sheriff Scott told Montgomery Radar that he could not release a police report because the once-open and closed case is an active investigation.

“At the moment this is an open investigation, and we are not disclosing any information,” Montgomery said in a June 2 email without elaborating. also learned that Perry County Coroner also declined to release details of Middleton’s death due to an alleged open investigation.

“Right now, this is being considered as an open case, and nothing is being disclosed at the moment,” a coroner’s office worker told
When pressed about the term “open-case,” the worker said: “It means it’s under investigation … it’s a legal matter, I guess it might even be presumed to be a criminal matter, I don’t know.”

Montgomery declined to answer follow-up questions, and County Coroner Bill Green was unavailable for comment.

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The lawsuit was filed in Perry County Circuit Court on May 23 by Middleton’s wife, Rhea, and brother, Larry.

“Since Mr. Middleton’s death, Mr. Middleton’s family, including Mr. Middleton, has been harassed by foreign, hurtful, unsupported, and offensive online articles about Mr. Middleton’s death and his family,” the lawsuit states.

The radar investigation was sparked by one of Middleton’s panicked business associates, who last month came forward to demand an anonymous independent investigation and claim that Bill Clinton, a 59-year-old father of two, was extremely close and unable to commit a detailed suicide.

What can i tell you Radar online Here the work of the Lord has been done.

No one else is reporting on the subject like them, and I hope the editors have a good security system at home and make it clear to all their friends and family that they are not depressed and do not feel the slightest “suicide”.

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Seriously, the amazing work of this “entertainment” website, which I have come to respect and enjoy over the last few months. Get them out!

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