Chris Wallace’s fate has been decided on CNN

Well, Chris Wallace, who was reportedly ready to shave his head after CNN + ‘s humiliating death, now has a marching order for his new career.

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After much speculation and many wondering what Chris will do after his embarrassing failure – especially since Fox News showed no interest in bringing him or her low ratings back – we now know that he will actually be with CNN and have his own show.

Rumors have been circulating that Wallace will replace Chris Cuomo – but that’s not going to happen.

Chris will be the new “Sunday” guy on CNN.

Axios reports that Warner Bros. Discovery, CNN’s new parent company, plans to announce during its advance presentation to advertisers on Wednesday that Chris Wallace will host a show on CNN on Sunday evening.

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Why it’s important: The longtime Fox News host recently moved to CNN to launch a show on its now-defunct streaming service, CNN +.

Details: Wallace, who hosts an interview show four days a week on the streaming service, will appear on a weekly Sunday evening show on CNN’s linear network, two sources told Axios.

CNN signed a multi-million dollar deal with Wallace last year. The move shocked the news industry because of Wallace’s nearly two-decade career at Fox.

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Later during the presentation, the network confirmed the move and mentioned that the same Wallace interview show from CNN + will debut on HBO Max this fall and will air on CNN Sunday evening.
Big picture: Warner Bros. Discovery executives are not ashamed of their intentions for CNN, repeatedly saying they want to focus on the future of the network in non-partisan reporting rather than in primetime personality programming.

David Jaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, speaking at CNN’s Upfront Event, said, “At a time when most news networks are advocacy networks, we want to speak out for journalism on CNN first.”

So, Chris Wallace, who claims to have left Fox News because of his amazing “honesty”, will now be the basis for producing the biggest fake news on TV.

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Bravo, Chris, you’re a real professional.


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