Chim in a bizarre new update about Don Jr. Paul Pelosi’s mugshot

As you probably know by now, Nancy Pelosi’s drunken old husband was arrested for driving under the influence in the Napa Valley.

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Paul Pelosi, 82, was not only driving drunk, he was driving a new Porsche to make matters worse. This guy shouldn’t be driving, leave the period, some high power, extremely fast sports car.

According to all media reports, Paul blew up with a stop sign and another car hit him. This prompted the police to get involved and they quickly learned that Paul was drunk.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

More news: More bizarre and disturbing information and pictures about two so-called “suicides” appear in Arkansas

The internet now wants to know where is the picture of Paul’s face? Usually, we’ve seen them now, haven’t we?

And where is the dashcam or bodycam footage of the arrest?

We haven’t seen any of this … why?

Okay, Fox News went to work to get their hands on them, but they were empty-handed too … Sounds like another elite liberal coverup, doesn’t it?

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Here is what conservative scholar Chuck Callisto had to say about the update on Paul’s face: Following a phone request for network … “

Here is what Don Jr. said in response: “Of course they will not release the footage. Disclosing this will make it so difficult for them when they are inevitably pressured to drop the charge. If they don’t cut their budget then the promotion will be cut etc. Don’t you know how it works? “

These are just statistics, right?

Nancy can’t cast a shadow on her Jan. 6 evening committee, can she?

So, of course, he has to destroy and suppress everything.

Now, if I or you, our faces will be plastered everywhere, and ridicule, ridicule, and public shame will intensify.

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When you are a liberal political elite, nothing like Ice Cream King and Queen happens at Pelosi Mansion.

They get special treatment, on the other hand people like Nancy treat farmers like garbage, whose political power is out of control.

It is actually worse than monarchy.

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