Chicago of 13 business owners was enough for the crime and is removing businesses

A business exit is taking place in Chicago at the moment.

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For one thing, crime in the city is so bad that many businesses don’t feel safe working there.

Crime has risen 35 percent since last year.

It’s stunning and scary, and you can thank Laurie Lightfoot for that.

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Here is a list of recent businesses that have moved out of Chicago:

  • Why billionaire Ken Griffin is moving his hedge fund firm, Citadel, out of Chicago
  • Caterpillar, a construction equipment company, is leaving the Chicago area for Texas.
  • Boeing is also leaving and calling Virginia their new home.

But there is more.

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The Western Journal reports that Gary Rabin, founder of the Rabin Group and owner of 13 businesses, is in line to leave Chi-Town. His road paved company is hitting the highway and getting out of Chicago, he said.

“We used to do thousands of jobs a year in the city, but as we got more and more snatched, the rollers and pavers that my people handled were snatched, our equipment would be stolen in broad daylight and usually a gun would be involved, and it was done. Expensive and it has become dangerous, ”Rabine told Fox News this week.

The extra cost of security and insurance means the cost of the job is “twice as much as they should be,” he said, adding that work done for utilities ultimately refers to rateholders who can’t afford the extra costs.

“What happened in the end is that we said enough is enough,” Robin said.

“We stopped working there, we stopped working for gas companies, electric companies, the south side, the west side and finally the whole of Chicago. Those companies are now working elsewhere. They work on the border in Wisconsin, a suburb outside of Chicago, where they feel safe, ”he said.

Robin said public safety is the foundation of any company’s success.

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“If you want a great culture in your organization, you have to have people who like to be on the team and they don’t want to be in a violent area. They don’t want to live in a place where their kids can’t go to school safely and their wives and kids can’t go shopping in a beautiful environment like Michigan Avenue, which was once the safest place you can go shopping, ”he said.

Robin says two reasons for Chicago’s downfall are the terrible leadership of Laurie Lightfoot and the Socialist Democrat governor of Illinois.

If you want to improve your city and state, don’t vote for Dames.

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It’s really that simple.

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