CBS News is Down the Crapper, CNN + Style

CBS News, one of the mainstays of the mainstream media, is crapping down.

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Seriously, hardly anyone is watching this show anymore, at least not before them. It’s starting to look like “CBS +” there, reminiscent of CNN + ‘s humiliating death … OK, maybe not that bad, but you’ll get the picture.

So, what is happening to CBS News?

Well, in addition to all the biased fake news that they spread, they are also dealing with “hosts from hell” according to insiders.

Apparently, Norah O’Donnell is the real life “Devil Wars Prada” monster.

The report claims that working with him is so impossible that they can’t even find a good producer to oversee the show.

It’s so bad that Radar Online is reporting that CBS cut his salary by more than half, thanks to unusual ratings, and even hoped to get out of his contract, but it didn’t work out.

To their frustration, Nora actually took a lower salary:

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News presenter Norah O’Donnell’s salary has been cut by more than half on CBS Evening News as the struggling news program continues to cut budgets and expenses substantially, Radar has learned.

According to The Post, CBS News re-signed the 48-year-old News Anchor in April for an annual salary of $ 3.8 million – significantly less than the $ 8 million he had previously paid to host the evening’s news program.

But as O’Donnell accepted the new pay package, an insider familiar with the talks revealed that CBS executives offered Anchor a “low ball” that they “expected”. [her] Attempts to replace him in the “reject” program have led to a drop in his rating.

Insiders also revealed that the surprise pay cut came after months of clashes between O’Donnell and CBS News vice-president Neeraj Khemlani, who reportedly wanted to replace Anchor in the months leading up to the end of his contract in April.

“Wrong again,” said a spokesman for CBS News. “Neeraj has spearheaded efforts over the past year to capture and re-sign about a dozen of our biggest anchors and reporters, including Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King – and hired a few newcomers like Net Barleson and Robert Costa.”

“While there are huge prime time openings elsewhere in the news industry, CBS News has the number 1 news broadcast and they have finished the season with multiple shows including morning and evening in their most competitive position,” the spokesman continued. “Apparently, the more false stories the NY Post writes, the better things go for CBS News.”

Nice spin, CBS, but the rating is not false …

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As reports exclusively, CBS News’ Khemlani and other executives have “arrogantly” backed O’Donnell’s pay cuts after labeling Anchor “poisonous” and “Queen of Minn”. And a “real life devil wears prada.”

An insider said, “Nora went crazy after reading the report calling her a ‘news actress’. “His boss was throwing him under the bus without saying anything. The only reason they unintentionally issued a statement was because Nora had lost her mind. “

The rating is bad for CBS News.

While CBS gets about 5.9 million total viewers, ABC World News Tonight gets 9.4 million and NBC Nightly News gets 8.3 million.

That’s a huge difference.

Looks like fake news merchants are getting CBS exactly what they deserve … let’s hope ABC and NBC are next.

Honestly, I don’t know anyone who watches the “evening news”.

I remember my parents watching ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings, and I can honestly tell you I never knew if Peter was a Conservative or a Liberal.

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Sadly, nowadays, we know they are all liberal with Stage 5 TDS.

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