Blood of 19 children and two teachers in the hands of Senator Mitch

If bullets had existed when the founders drafted the constitution, the Second Amendment would have been written differently. The interpretation of the 2nd Amendment by the Republicans is basically a distorted version of what was intended. The radical Supreme Court and the gun-worshiping Republican Party must be given legitimacy. In other words, ignore their legislation. Trump has modeled that breaking constitutional laws is okay, so breaking bad laws could lead Americans to go. The majority of Americans adhere to morals and the law, but in order to survive in a degraded America, all the rules that Republicans are making must be broken. Getting Republicans to vote outside the office and gaining a Democrat super majority is the only way out of this Trump-corrupted MAGA occupation of our country.

Americans must face the horrific reality of gun violence. Mass shootings of children are so horrific, most people want to avoid thinking about the details of the massacre of children killed by gunfire. The game of baseball is not so easy to keep and keep when you see the bullet distorting a child’s beautiful, innocent face. Journalists wonder if if one of the dead children included a senator, would legislation be enacted to ban assault weapons and mandate a universal background check?

In 1955, 14 years old Emmet Till Mississippi was brutally perverted and murdered. He was unjustly accused of flirting with a white woman and a few days later the woman’s husband and brother were abducted and beaten and thrown into the Talahatchi River. Her mother insisted on an open casket funeral so that her mutilated corpse would reveal the cruelty that Emmet suffered and the racism that drove it. Civil rights icon Rosa Parks said one of the reasons for Till’s brutal murder was that she decided not to sit in the back of the bus that day. Pictures of Emmet’s corpse have raised awareness and outrage about the horrific treatment of blacks in the South. CNN Tonight reports that in Uvalade, Texas, the bodies of some of the murdered children at the school have become so mutilated that it is difficult to identify who they are.

Filmmaker Michael Moore suggests that if family members of Ross Elementary School children agree, their children’s bodies should be in their caskets for all Americans to see. These children were massacred and some of their bodies were found unidentified under the influence of automatic weapons. Instead of listening to that corrupt idiot Mitch McConnell, he mutters about defending gun rights, blaming mental health, and accusing Democrats of playing politics. Greedy, power-hungry Republicans refuse to vote for intelligent gun control legislation. This corruption is so pathological that these politicians will probably remain loyal to gun lobbyists even if a member of their family is shot by their favorite AK-15.

Sen. Ted Cruz made a general statement about sending prayers, thanking law enforcement, and how horrific the shooting was. He did not say how the shots were at epidemic or about the availability of weapons of mass destruction or whether Congress would be committed to taking action. He criticized Democrats for “politicizing” the shots and advising on “immediate solutions” such as gun control. Cruz, the most hated member of Congress from both parties, received $ 300,000 from gun lobbyists in 2018 and will address the annual NRA meeting in Houston this week. He is in the pockets of the NRA and will stand by the law that allows teenagers, the mentally ill, and radical domestic terrorists to buy dangerous weapons to kill innocent people because he cares for nothing but power. If anyone informs him he will never be elected president. Cruz has joined all of his Republican senators whom corrupt minority leader McConnell has said would never vote for a gun reform law. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in his career.

Cruz is a typical Texas politician. An extremist state like Texas, Florida where Democrats must win. Gov. Greg Abbott and Ron Desantis are sociopathic, power-hungry haters who are wreaking havoc on America. Gun reform will not happen to men like them in power. The proliferation of guns Mass shots answer them. This is not normal.

In his remarks today about the genocide of children by gun violence at an elementary school in Texas, President Biden said, “As a nation, we have to ask, in the name of God, when are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? “When will we do in the name of God what we all know we need to do in our gut?” He further added that he was “sick and tired of this mass shooting” and that we needed to act. He further asked, “When are we going to stand in the gun lobby in God’s name?” Biden reminded us that with the lifting of the 1994 arms embargo on President Clinton, mass shootings increased. Republican President George W. Bush authorized the lifting of sanctions. With a democratic super majority of NRA-owned congressmen, lives will be saved.

Vote for Republicans who vote “no” to gun control and take grants from gun lobbyists.

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