Biden’s “Summit of America” ​​was a huge, embarrassing flop … rarely

Joe Biden’s failures just keep growing and this latest one is a real hummingbird.

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They flew Joe Biden to Los Angeles last week to attend his “Summit of the Americas.”

And he was the only person there নয় not really, but close… very few people showed up and the team could do absolutely nothing.

This was another embarrassing flop for the joke of a so-called “president”.

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The Washington examiner reported widespread failure, saying that for starters, hardly any leaders came. Biden initially announced that he was not inviting Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to the summit because of their human rights record. This could have given Biden some credibility as a human rights defender if he had not been so keen on appealing to Saudi leaders and asking them to increase oil production, which they refused to do.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was the first leader to say he would avoid the summit if Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela were not allowed to join, and he quickly joined the leaders of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Bolivia. Biden is adamant in his decision not to invite Cuba et al, and Obrador and his allies are adamant in their commitment to boycott the summit. As a result, very few people showed up, and very few were accomplished.

It is a shame that this was a flop in view of the crisis we are facing at the border due to the incompetence of Joe and Kamala.

Orange is the Border Jar, and she is completely unknown.

During the “Summit”, Kamala told a small group of attendees that the reason for the border crisis was that people were fleeing dangerous situations.

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Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance.

If you don’t understand that one basic fact, then there is no point in holding a summit.

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Besides, Joe and Kamala want illegal floods in the country.

That’s how the failed Demras will rebuild their team … on the backs of non-Americans.

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