Biden now supports the termination of filibuster to protect the “right to abortion.”

Joe Biden said Thursday that he supports a Senate filibuster “exception” to guarantee abortion rights.

He praised himself for upgrading the transatlantic alliance in the face of growing threats from Russia and China, calling the Supreme Court’s decision to abolish abortion rights “unstable” but not affecting the United States’ standing in the international arena.
“I think Rowe v. Wade needs to be written into law. And the best way to do that is to make sure Congress votes to do it, and if Philipbuster gets in the way, it’s like a franchise; Biden told reporters in Madrid that a … Philibuster should be given a waiver for this measure to deal with the Supreme Court ruling.

As the country still suffers from the effects of Friday’s Supreme Court decision, Biden was speaking to reporters at the end of a five-day international tour that included meetings with NATO allies in Madrid and heads of seven developed democratic economies groups. Bavarian Alps.

According to Biden, “America is in a much better position than ever before to lead the world.” But the horrific behavior of the U.S. Supreme Court has not only overturned Rowe v. Wade, but has also fundamentally violated the right to privacy.

I could see why the American people were outraged at what the Supreme Court did, he continued.

During the three-day summit, the Biden administration announced plans to permanently increase the US military presence in Europe, Turkey, Finland and Sweden, reached an agreement to smooth the Nordic countries’ access to NATO, and updated the alliance. China’s “coercive policy” is a strategic concept of recognizing the Western bloc as a threat.

In his remarks to the media at the summit’s final press conference, Biden commented, “I think we can all agree that this has been a groundbreaking NATO summit.”

When NATO last updated its strategic concept 12 years ago, Russia was described as a partner and China was not even included in the text. Reaching the summit changes that to the new agreement.

Since then, “the world has changed, changed significantly,” Biden commented. According to Biden, the purpose of the summit was to strengthen our alliance in dealing with current global concerns and potential future threats.

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