Biden learned from Obama how to be a “great divider.”

You think the nation might take a break from the Dames division and race-biting while mourning the killing of 19 young children, right?

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There is nothing wrong.

Today, while commenting on the Texas school shooting, Joe Biden decided that this is the best time of all time to talk about George Floyd and create more divisions in the country.

After hearing about how the Republicans and the NRA were to blame for the shooting at this school, we now need to remove the dead children and make room for George Floyd.

It’s unrealistic. Obama did the same in a tweet.

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It’s almost as if it’s raining in the parade that these kids planned for George Floyd. I think they were expecting their foundation to work in time for another “Summer of Love”.

See, I agree that the murder of George Floyd is disgusting and the man who was convicted is in prison.

Her family has received justice and financial compensation, and hopefully, they are recovering after two years.

But, let’s remember that George Floyd did some really uncomfortable things in his life and it is better to promote security and respect among police and citizens, it is unreasonable to turn criminals into heroes.

And to bring something like that today is disrespectful to those kids and their families.

My lord, it can wait.

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You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

WTF wrong with this idiot? # Biden

“Hooligan dictators always lie, intimidate and form factions against each other to rule. And sadly, the Democrats are following the same playbook to distract people from the rapid decline of American independence, prosperity, and security. “

“Separator and main”

“Anger, rage, fear, war, anger, fear! Divided, divided, anger, war, fear. It’s very comforting to have adults in charge again. “

“Just stop using skin color. What we can do is to share this sick country for you and your minions …”

“Poor kids are as smart as white kids” Joe Biden 2019 “

“Divided, disgusting people”

“This geriatric f ** k has turned the Deadass shooting into a race problem. Incredible. “

“I also wrote the crack bill in the 80’s and the minimum binding law in the 90’s.”

“A Hispanic school was shot, and yet we have to discuss Floyd.”

“I am black and he does not speak for me. Now he has to race in the mix. ”

“Someone once told me that the 1980s were the peak of racial harmony in America and that it scared the Democratic Party so badly that they made a concerted effort to isolate us. I don’t think he was wrong. “

Dames is a desperate and broken team that thrives on hatred and division.

The best thing for America could be if the entire Democrat Party is dissolved and everyone is deprogrammed.

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That’s true.

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