Biden is out to vote again and now, one of two things will happen next

Okay, next week, another round of bad votes for Joe Biden.

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What’s new?

He’s drowned, again … This old man has been in free-fruit for months now.

And as I said before, if he really won 81-million legal votes, it wouldn’t happen to him so soon.

He had a huge security fence of lots of voters who would hold him for a decent amount of time before he really started to sink.

But it did not happen, right?


More news: We know that January 6 is “Surprise Witness”, and wait until you see what has just been revealed about it.

Biden anchored at 600 miles per hour.

So, as we all know now, that 81-million number is a lie.

He may have gotten a lot of votes, but they were convinced that Hell was not legitimate.

So, what’s going to happen now?

Will Joe continue to vote until he gets 10 percent support?

No … it doesn’t work that way.

Qantas poll has a great tweet about what’s going to happen next to Joe

There are two ways to get here …

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The first way is that he starts cutting into those hardcore supporters and starts losing them, which would be devastating for him, but I don’t see that happening, or if it is, it won’t be important enough to bring him down too much.

So, basically, we’ll look at Joe Biden with a rating of approximately 36-40-ish approval until Dames finds a way to get rid of him.

Although, in reality, we all know it is about 8-10 points less.

But I can’t imagine that they will wait too long to start the big push to get rid of Joe after midterm.

See, Biden actually thinks he’s running in 2024 and wants to announce it after the November vote.

Ha ha, can you imagine?

My guess is that Joe will be leaving soon after midterm. He will either resign for problems with Hunter, or he will be successfully impeached and removed.

And it won’t because GOP is so amazing.

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It will be because Demra wants this drumming fool out of here.

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