[BIDEN] Is anyone at home? Joe looks like a shiny donut when complete chaos ensues

Sleeping Joe Biden looks like a house burned down by a low-powered man.

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This guy is just working.

His gas tank has been in smoke for almost a decade now. He moves very slowly, and his voice only starts to sound farther and farther away from the moment. It is weak, and powerless, and there is no spark of life behind it. She finds her position unusual and uncomfortable and I think that’s the biggest problem for Joe Biden.

Nothing seems organic or normal. It’s all nonsense.

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This guy should be in a nursing home without pretending to run the White House.

And nowhere is that unnatural look and feeling more evident when reporters yell at Joe and he sits there, with this glossy-over blank look on his face.

I’ve seen powdered donuts look more engaged and in control.

His staff, who sound like sharp fishwives, are screaming and screaming in this “save grandpa” manic way which is very unprepared, and together with the “grandpa” who is sitting there, it looks like he has taken a lot of blue pills, and you There is a real recipe for disaster.

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And the horrible half-smile Joe had on his face during all that chaos made him think, “My nurses are so bad.”

I can’t believe no one on Joe’s team looks at this thing, and thinks, “Yeah. This looks weird. Maybe we should re-team up and come up with a different way to handle things …”

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And then these same people wonder why most Americans don’t consider Joe Biden mentally fit to be in office.

The ignorance and arrogance of these liberal elites is astonishing.

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