Biden has just released a new midterm plot, and it has already created a new impetus

So, Demra Rowe vs. Wade is in mourning for the loss, isn’t it?

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Kind of good.

I think Dame voters must be upset by this verdict.

And although they had the idea that it was coming, thanks to the SCOTUS leak, I think it still saved many of them.

I think Dame voters believe their party will never let this “horror” happen.

Somehow, they want to save the day.

Do I think Dame politicians are upset by this verdict?

Never. They are thrilled, and my guess is that they are well aware that it has been around for a long time and they have done absolutely nothing to stop it on purpose.

I think they wanted it.

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Okay, this is a huge fundraising opportunity for them.

Think about it: the country is now in a dump, inflation is rising, everyone hates Biden, and the Dams have basically nothing to run or raise funds for, and a red wave from hell awaits them from the coast.

If anything, Rowe vs. Wade’s rule was a life rough for the Dames. I don’t know how much it will help them in the voting booth, but it certainly won’t hurt them.

And in terms of fundraising, they will probably clean up with all the angry left-wing women in the suburbs, most of whom can’t define a “woman” and who have spent years giving birth to their children.

Joe is already putting the plot in motion, actually.

He has spread beans in his new plan to “win” in midterm …

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Here is what Britbert reporter Charlie Spearing said in a tweet:

“Ultimately, Congress has to work … we don’t have a vote right now,” Joe Biden said of breaking the filibuster to create abortion rights under federal law. Urge workers to organize and vote in the meantime “

So, yes, call me a conspiracy theorist of your choice, but I believe there was no harder route than Dames to overturn Row vs. Wade.

This is the only spark in the life of their party since President Trump has been around.

And now, they think they can stop the “red wave” in November if they fire enough people through this story that they can overturn SCOTUS.

Do I think they can do it?


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But again, the so-called “silver lining” for them is that at least now they have baited at the end of their fishhooks to entice their less informed / angry voters.

They had nothing before.

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