Bett Midler shared a horrible racist “Clarence Thomas” meme and The Share

It’s amazing to see the left’s reaction to Rowe v. Wade’s decision… yes, they’re behaving like unwanted, mentally handicapped hacks, but what’s really amazing is their racial hatred of Clarence Thomas.

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It’s amazing to see all this hatred expressed, and they can’t help themselves.

They cannot suppress nasty racism. It is pouring like flood waters.

See, Dames still thinks black people are slaves.

They are slaves who fulfill the political objectives of white liberals in progressive farming.

And if any of these humble servants go away, or refuse to obey their white master, they become unbroken.

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They go after this rogue slave and throw rubbish at him or her in public as a message to other slaves, so they know what will happen to them if they leave the plants.

This is why Clarence Thomas is getting so much abuse.

Five judges have decided Rowe v. Wade. Alito wrote the initial draft, but it’s the black man that the liberals are tearing up, organ to organ.

They’re setting an example from him, so someone else who’s even thinking of leaving the Dame party won’t do it.

And there is no better slave master than the old, wealthy white liberal Bett Midler, who has just shared one of the most racist memes we have ever seen.

This is an image of Clarence Thomas’s white wife in a SCOTUS dress, holding a “mask” of Clarence Thomas.

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That is to say, Justice Thomas is not his own strong, smart man with his own opinion, but is controlled by his white wife.

Really disgusting.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Garbage leftists will attack any black person who does not lock up with their ideals. These people are descendants of the same slave owners who rewarded their slaves for being loyal to them, even though it kept them in chains. Bett Middler is no different “

“Just suffocatingly racist.”

“Malcolm X was right about white liberals”

Bet seems to be a racist. Not even a closet. “

“How dare a black man not draw the line and bow to the democrats! Once a slave owner, always a slave owner, eh bet? ”

“The left Jesus Christ continues to show their open racism. The idea that the opinion of a black man may differ from theirs is unimaginable and should be explained by the greater intelligence of a white man. Big projection. “

“You’re not even trying to hide your racism.”

“How do they get away from this kind of racism?”

“Our talk about the same people who deny black people agency. It’s fair to say that white liberals are at the forefront of this racist slander against Justice Thomas. “

“If you’re a liberal, you can obviously be a racist. We’ve got it.”

“So, is racism entirely acceptable if it is run by white Jewish women?”

“Gowd, Betty, it’s seriously racist.”

“Holly Crap Bet looks like someone hacked your account and posted a very racist scambag picture in your name.”

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The Democrats are the same as before … a group of rich, white elites who think they own black people.

And people like Bette don’t even try to hide it anymore.

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