Barack Obama adds fuel to George Floyd’s tragic fire

Conservatives were outraged at former President Barack Obama after he was asked by Americans to remember George Floyd, while apologizing for the school shootings in Texas.

Wednesday marks two years since Floyd died while in police custody in Minneapolis. His death on Memorial Day 2020 led to nationwide protests and civil unrest.

Obama tweeted that Americans should remember the death of Floyd and the killing of 19 children and 2 teachers at an elementary school in Uvalade a day later.

“Today, as we mourn for the bereaved children, we must remember that two years ago George Floyd was killed on the knees of a police officer,” the former president wrote. “His death still affects all of us, especially those who cared for him,” Obama added.

In two more tweets, Obama said Floyd’s death had raised “awareness of systematic racism” and launched a movement to change the criminal justice system in the United States. He also sent a link to his foundation with a picture of Trevon Martin.

Some people, many of whom were prominent conservatives, did not respond favorably to the published posts.

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