Bahamas police are investigating a new “food theory” of bizarre deaths at Sandal Resort

We do not yet know why three Americans were killed and one seriously injured at a sandal resort in the Bahamas.

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There are many theories floating around.

One suggests that it was probably the faulty AC unit that killed these poor people.

A new report also states that guests have complained about a strong “pesticide” odor at the resort.

Can it poison those people?

But one theory that many people are talking about is the new idea of ​​the Bahamas police that it could be a food-related problem.

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They are now exploring that theory, according to a report in The New York Post.

Bahamas authorities are investigating the deaths of three Americans on vacation at a resort and are investigating whether food had a role in the mysterious case.

Police Commissioner Paul Roll said Monday the victims ate a variety of items and sought medical help separately after feeling unwell the night before they were found unresponsive in two adjoining villas in the same building at Exhumer Sandal Resort on Friday, the Nassau Guardian reported.

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“All of them were treated at different times and they ate at different places,” Roll said of the victims.

The dead were identified as Michael Phillips, 68, and Robbie Phillips, 65, of Tennessee (the couple on the cover of this article) and Vincent Chierella, 64, of Florida.

Vincent’s wife, Dennis Chiarella, 65, suffered a serious reaction to paralysis and swollen limbs and was taken to a hospital in Miami.

The good news is that her condition has been upgraded from “serious” to “good”. So, fortunately, she seems to be recovering from this nightmare. It is very sad that she lost her husband.

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Let’s just hope that once they get all the blood test and other test results back, they’ll be able to explain exactly what happened and why we lost these poor people.

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