[AUDIO] Greg Kelly of Newsmax was so upset about the underage drug show that he did

What happened at that underage Drag Queen show in Dallas was horrific.

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At a 21+ lesbian bar you had a young, charming kid who saw men dressed as women dancing sexually for them, under the neon sign that read “It won’t lick itself.”

The illness of those who will perform for children is off the charts – but the parents who will allow it are more mind blowing.

Ordinary / intelligent people saw and panicked at what happened in Dallas. Children should be allowed to remain as innocent and humane as possible. The only people who want to express their sexuality to young children are the groomers.

It’s child abuse.

And Greg Kelly said when he contacted local Dallas police to find out what happened on that heinous drag show and they demanded justice for those involved.

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BizPakreview reports that Newsmax host Greg Kelly was so upset and apprehensive after seeing a video showing children participating in the “Drag the Kids to Pride” event that he called the North Texas Crime Commission and reported it as child abuse.

Originally, Kelly claimed that “Dallas police have been called.” Based on his recordings, Mediat alleged that he actually called an organization run by the North Texas Crime Stoppers program, which “rewards anonymous tips and forwards that information to appropriate law enforcement agencies.”

The event was held at a Dallas bar named Mr. Mr. which promoted a “family-friendly” atmosphere at an event on Saturday with numerous drag queens and slogans, “Don’t lick it yourself!”

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Kelly tweeted, “Today I called the Dallas police to report a child abuse incident at that heinous ‘child molestation’ event.” It must be investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice !!! “

Listen “

Fighting for the children of our country is a mountain like death.

The left is degenerate, and they are raising small children and imposing perverted sex on them.

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We can’t sit still and let this makeup go … so keep fighting, hard. Get involved with your school board and PTA and don’t give a shit about these ghosts.

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