Arms Senate Sergeant who advised a “set up” on Jan. 6 has been found dead

Everything around January 6 is mysterious and shady.

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And things have become more sketchy and bizarre since the death of the Senate Sergeant of the Arms, who suspected that “professional activists” were responsible for the uprising.

The Daily Wire reported that the man who served as Sergeant-at-Arms in the U.S. Senate during the Jan. 6 riots and later suggested that “professional activists” may be responsible for the incident, was reportedly found dead.

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Michael Stenger died during a House of Representatives investigation into a riot at the U.S. Capitol last year. Stenger, a 35-year-old veteran of the Secret Service and a former U.S. Marine, was given no cause of death.

“Fox has confirmed that Senate Armed Services Sergeant Michael Stanger, who was in charge of Senate security on the day of the Capitol riots, has died,” Fox News Channel’s Chad Pergram tweeted.

Of course, McConnell throws Stinger under the bus and accepts his resignation.

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But Michael firmly believed that January 6th was a setup.

Stenger defended himself while testifying in a Senate investigation last year, noting that the riots may have been fueled by “professional activists.”

He said there is an opportunity to learn from the events of January 7. “Investigations into his financing and travel should be considered as a professional activist.”

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There is no word on how Mr. Stanger died.

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