Are you sitting We’ve got real recent video footage of John Durham

Some people want to say that John Durham doesn’t really exist, he’s just a figment of our imagination, just to keep us calm and believe that “something” is probably happening.

I mean, I wouldn’t put them first, so.

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I know this may sound like a silly conspiracy theory, but if you ever try to find a recent picture of Durham you are out of luck, there is none.

All in all there are two pictures of this guy.

And the video? I found one from 1972 or something.

It’s weird.

So, today when I actually saw real live footage of walking to do some work in a building in Durham, I was shocked.

Yes, Virginia, there is a John Durham.

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And here’s the proof …

You can watch the video below:

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Believe me, many people were surprised to see this footage.

The man is more elusive than Howard Hughes.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Patron of justice or deep state pan?”

“OMG, John Durham in the flesh. Spread the word!”

“It’s Bigfoot !!!”

“Holy crap this guy is real !!!”

“Today’s original video from Durham. He exists haha ​​”

“Finally! We see John Durham is a real man !!”

“It’s only been 6 years since this moment.”

“Yo @GettyImages – If you take your cameras there, you’ll be able to take your first picture of a special adviser investigating the political crime of the century.”

“Holy shit he’s a living, breathing man and not just a picture.”

“DC Yeti”

“Maybe now crazy people will stop telling me that John Durham is not real because he has no video.”

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Okay, let’s hope this is a good sign that justice is coming soon.

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