Are you sick and tired of claiming that there was no voter fraud? Then

Good Lord, I’ve never been so sick of listening to a man that no voter was rigged.

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How in the world does Bill Bar, a man who has not raised a sausage finger to investigate “voter fraud”, have any right or claim to talk about “voter fraud” with such a conclusion?

I’ll tell you how – because we like to call Bill Barr a “controlled opposition.”

It’s a very powerful weapon that bad people use to squash anything they think is dangerous.

They simply cast out a strong personality whom everyone considers “right” and who was portrayed as a “Trump ally” and forced him to drop the story.

They do it all the time with Fox News. This gives their lies incredible “credibility”.

And that’s what they’re doing with Bill Carr সাবেক the former # 1 law man in all countries… so, of course, he knows there’s been fraud, isn’t he?


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Let’s pretend that Bill Bar is not just an innocent man and a fanatic for the Deep State নেই he has no way of knowing anything about the 2020 election because it will take years to investigate, and countless experts will discuss and review the vast amount of information. .

The 2020 election will be an initiative to fully investigate what we have never seen before… and no one has even scratched the surface… but very few have scratched, indicating that there was probably a ton of fraud.

So, did Bill lead a serious investigation or lead a team that is investigating?


And that’s why his constant demands are so annoying.

So, today, when I came across this meme artist who goes Apoctoz And with Bill Barr and his latest work on “Election Fraud Research”, I knew I had to share it with you.

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It not only made me laugh, but it was very unreasonably true.


That GIF is just pure gold!

I really love our meme artists and always like to highlight and support them.

I encourage you to follow Apoctoz Here On Twitter, and in fact you can follow him here: Apoctoz1

And don’t forget, there’s a reason that poll after poll shows that the majority of the American people believe that fraud has affected the 2020 election.

You can’t launch an unprecedented tsunami of (invalid) mail-in ballots and ballot boxes and expect everything to go smoothly and fairly.

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Honestly, you have to be a huge tub of stupid guys to think that way… and I guess Bill Bar is just that হয় either that, or he’s been a deep state operative and always has been.

Maybe it’s a lot of both?

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