Anonymous businessman, fearing “murder”, demanded an independent investigation

Remember a few weeks ago when we told you about the suspicious death of another Clinton aide?

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During this time he was a high-ranking adviser to Epstein.

Okay, authorities have ruled the death a “suicide”, but one of the man’s business partners, Mark Middleton, says nothing is wrong and he does not believe the death was a suicide.

She thinks her friend has been murdered and she wants an independent team to investigate.

However, the man is afraid to kill himself if he insists on staying anonymous.

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Radar Online reports that an independent outside agency should investigate the bizarre suicide linked to Bill Clinton’s former presidential adviser billionaire Perv Jeffrey Epstein, the former business associate of the deceased told Radar exclusively.

Mark Middleton, 59, was found suspiciously hanging from a tree on May 7 with a shotgun in his chest and a cheap dollar store-type extension cord hanging around his neck. The hell-bent merchant entered a farm with a table and set up his own temporary gallows.

The panic-stricken business associate, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of death, told that Little Rock’s father of two children was close to the former Commander-in-Chief – the Clinton Presidential Library and the Clinton Birthplace Foundation.

“Everyone I know who has worked with Mark here knows that it is physically impossible for Mark to kill himself,” the source told
“He could not physically hold a shotgun and did it on his own,” the source added. He knows nothing about guns! He hates guns; She can’t have tied a noose to save her life! The man could not change a light bulb by himself. He was the least physically skilled person I have ever met. He was very smart, he was great at paperwork, legality and so on but he couldn’t take care of himself physically. “

“So, the scene of his death is completely unimaginable to anyone who knew him.”

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Business partner has been accused by Middleton of being actively involved in financial investments with the same Little Rock character who worked with John Glasgow, chief financial officer of CDI Contractors Inc., the parent company that built the Clinton Library.

Glasgow disappeared without a trace in 2008 after Clinton reported financial irregularities with library construction costs, and in 2015 her skeletal remains were found in Petit Jean State Park. The cause of his death is unknown.

Middleton is said to be suffering from depression and his death has been ruled by investigators as suicide although he did not keep a suicide note.

It’s very strange how people close to Clinton “committed suicide.”

Not surprisingly, there is an urban legend about a secret “Clinton’s body count.”

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Let’s hope someone listens to this guy and starts a new investigation… because we all know how Hillary likes to get herself involved in deceptive things, doesn’t she?

In the meantime, this man would probably be better off going public with his concerns and declaring that he is not “suicidal” and that the only people he fears are Clinton and her friends.

That way he would probably be much safer in a heluva.

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