Annoying new details have emerged about Joe and Jill’s “blessing” for that relationship

Explaining, “I took all three girls to see Debbie a few times to discuss Beau’s illness and Hunter’s drinking. ‘What happened?’ I asked again in fear. ‘I don’t want to tell you on the phone,’ he said.

Running to the therapist’s house, Hunter’s ex-wife said, “Three miles later I was at Debbie’s house. I went straight to the sunroom and saw Finnegan crouched in a chair, holding a pillow while he was crying. I wrapped my arms around her. ‘Everything will be fine. All right? ‘ I told him. “I love you.”

His eldest daughter, Naomi, Was on the speakerphone. The therapist provided the news at Finnegan’s request.

“Can you tell her? We can’t do that,” Finnegan told the therapist.

So, how did the girls know about this gross relationship?

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Well, it turns out that they found Hunter’s phone and saw a text message that revealed what was happening.

But wait, it actually gets a lot worse …

Give me a moment to remind you of how Joe and Jill reacted to this heinous affair that literally destroyed their grandchildren.

Here is what they said:

“We are all lucky that Hunter and Haley found each other when they reunited their lives after this tragedy. They have the full support of me and Jill and we are happy for them. “

That’s right, when their grandchildren were in a therapist’s office, their eyes widening, that’s what Jill and Joe told the world.

I don’t think you can be sicker than that.

But it gets worse, folks.

So, it turns out that Joe and Jill didn’t even want to make that statement, but there was so much “work” done by Crack-Aficionado Hunter that they “reluctantly” made this crooked and bizarre statement to help him.

They placed their own grandchildren on the public altar and sacrificed them so that their crackhead son, who was as tall as a dragon all the time, could keep his “reputation” intact.

I mean, are you kidding me?

Fox News reports that Hunter agreed to give a statement in early 2017 to his father, Joe, approving a relationship with Haley Biden, the widow of his late brother Beau, who told Joe that the relationship would “go wrong” if he did not.

“‘Dad,’ I told him, ‘if people find out, but they think you’re not approving of it, it seems wrong,’ Hunter Biden wrote in his book, ‘Nice thing.’

He goes to his father as soon as a journalist calls to confirm or deny the relationship and puts him “in a box”. According to Hunter Biden, Biden resigned as vice president just a month ago. He told his father that he and Haley were “incredibly lucky” to find each other.

Meanwhile, her daughters rolled into the position of the fetus, their tears.

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This disgusting family is absolutely obese.

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