Annoyed Katie Pavlich points out that it’s 3:30 pm and Biden isn’t upset.

I guess we can’t expect too much from Joe Biden.

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The guy can’t wear his shoes with help, so how on earth can he track important dates?

His millennial staff must not know any historical date … unless it is an “Instagram story” they will not see it …

So, is it really surprising that Biden didn’t mention a word about Monday’s D-Day?

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Not really. Because while dementia may seem like a ragging case, Joe Biden is also a New World communist, and remembering heroic American things is not part of his playbook.

It’s disgusting, and Fox News pundit Katie Pavlich mentioned it on Monday afternoon.

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Here’s what Katie said: “It’s about 3:30 in Washington DC and there’s no statement from Biden about D-Day …”

Is this admin a mess?

Let me remind you of what President Trump said about D-Day:

But, President Trump is a true leader, elected by the people, so we would expect something like that from him.

With Joe, this is all we get.

Here is what people online said:

“Maybe he’s routing the other way?”

“His staff probably didn’t know what it was!”

“She’s sleeping.”

“If it’s not on Facebook, its employees will never know what day it is. Sadly, a recent Quinnipiac survey found that 38% of today’s youth would flee the United States if our nation were attacked. The greatest generation is rolling in their graves. ”

“Because they didn’t tell him any day.”

“He can’t talk without a teleprompter.”

“He didn’t even admit it last year.”

“General Communist”

“She heard D-Day and was waiting for the donut.”

“Because his staff doesn’t know or care about D-Day. So I won’t tell him. “

“She can’t remember what she ate for breakfast and she will remember D-Day ??”

“They have dragged those idols down. If they hadn’t known, it would never have happened. “

Instead of talking about D-Day, Biden decided to gaslight the country by lying about the starving economy and spit in the face of those who are suffering at the moment.


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Speaking of the wise: lifting the Kovid ban and letting people go back to work should never be confused with “job creation”.

Pass it.

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