“And then there was one …” Last year’s viral picture is now Hunting Biden and

When Biden was first installed he made a lot of promises about how things were going to be different.

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Remember ‘Adults are in charge again“Is his admin talking nonsense?

Ironically, we have a so-called “president” who needs sleep and whose “handler” takes care of him like a two-year-old child.

Biden promised another thing that he was going to be the “girl boss” pris.

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Joe will be the guy who gave women a “deserved” platform … and he closed things down with his communications department, where he put together an all-girl “powerhouse” team.

The media didn’t get it enough, and photos and articles like this went viral, showing her four “girl boss” women who hold the foundation of her entire “presidency”.


Well, it was then, and now it is.

Cut today, and there’s only one left of those four “girl bosses,” and that poor juice is just hanging on a thread.

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From the photo above, Simon Sanders has long since passed away, Saki has recently been granted bail, and the woman in front, Kate Beddingfield, has resigned just a day or so earlier.


Now, only one incompetent Bengali, Karin Jean-Pierre, is rumored to be leaving her job due to poor sucking.

And the kicker is that his potential replacement is a man.

So much for “girl power”, isn’t it?

Surprisingly, the media, which broadcasts this “girl boss” nonsense twenty-four hours a day, is stunnedly silent about how it all broke down.

The “powerhouse” group has disintegrated, and the media, who will report with a sigh of relief about every single Trump who suddenly leaves, doesn’t really think about completely dismantling the entire women’s section and ideology.

This is another perfect example of “fake news”.

It’s not just what they report that makes them “fake” promotional artists.

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What they decide not to report makes them completely fraudulent and untrustworthy.

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