An employee of Southwest Airlines participates in the minor “Drag Queen” show, then spits it all out.

These Southwest employees are in some boiling water today.

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His name is John Joseph Dean, and according to his LinkedIn bio, he is a cybersecurity engineer for Southwest Airlines.



It all started when this guy took part in an underage “Drag Queen” show for kids at the local Dallas Gay Bar.

Drag queens danced sexually in front of small children, with a neon sign on the wall saying, “It’s counting leaks itself.”


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An employee of Southwest Airlines attended the grooming event, and when he left, he was confronted by a reporter in the parking lot who wanted to know why he would attend such a disgusting event with minors.

Mr. Dean, a man with a very dirty face, an angry hot, disgusting mood, and a horrible demeanor to hang out with underage kids at a gay bar.

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Independent reporter Andy Ngo tweeted a video detailing what happened and the quarrel, where Mr Dean spat at a videographer, called him “c * nt” and claimed he would burn in hell.

Here is what Andy said (see, he tagged Mr. Dean’s employer, Southwest Airlines): “John Joseph Dean, a participant in a drag event for children at a gay bar in Dallas, Texas, insults and spits on a videographer while he is driving. The 51-year-old Dallas resident works as a senior engineer on the cyber security team. SouthwestAir


What happened inside that bar was child abuse and torture. No minor juveniles should be sexually assaulted by adults, and disgusting, pornographic neon signs. Parents who have involved their children in this heinous act should be arrested.

The Southwest employee should be charged with assault and attempted murder because we are in a “deadly epidemic” and he is spying on people.

There is an extra hatred in what he has done.

I don’t like to see people lose their jobs, but I’ll make an exception for this monster.

If you would like to contact Southwest Airlines about Mr. Dean, their public contact information is as follows:

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Customer service: 1 (800) 435-9792

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