Americans are confused, “Are you high?” Obama tweeted shocking insensitive messages

Is Obama now smoking with Hunter Biden?

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After reading the cold and bizarre message he wrote on Twitter about the Texas school shooting, I can only think that this is what he is doing.

In fact, I don’t even know if I’m going to say it’s a message for the 19 children killed.

It’s a bit like a bizarre dog whistle at its radical base, to remind them that they will be voting in November.

I don’t know how to explain it, but I can tell you so much – people were confused and terrified when they read it.

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Here is what Obama said: “Today, as we mourn the loss of children, we must take the time to acknowledge that two years have passed since George Floyd was killed under the knees of a police officer. His murder is still with us all, especially those who loved him.


But he did not stop there …

He says:

“After his assassination, a new generation of activists rose to channel their suffering into organized action, launching a movement to raise awareness of systematic racism and the need for criminal justice and police reform.”

And this:

Inspired by these young leaders, MBK_Aliance Has launched a Reconstruction Policing Commitment for mayors and cities ready to take action If you’re wondering how you can help make things better today, here are some ways to get involved:

Here are the closeups of the tweets:

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He’s really the head of all time dividers, isn’t he?

What a nonsense.

You can imagine the pushback Obama received for that tweet. It was huge:

“The babies that sucked it are dead, but do you remember George Floyd?” He’s the one I’m still thinking about. – Barack Obama “

“What is this crazy fool really doing?” I’m shocked. “

“You 3rd term is as disgusting as your previous 8 year nightmare”

“How do you do that about George Floyd? My God 19 little kids are dead, you’re a monster.”

“Am I the only person that thinks it can wait a day?”

“Seriously, WTH is wrong with this guy? George Floyd? Really?”

“This man is sick. George Floyd is a criminal who put a gun in the stomach of a pregnant woman. Uvalade children were innocent victims, they do not include the same tweet. Obama hates you America, always has been, always will be. “

“Are you really saying that George Floyd’s life is more important than the children who died in Texas?”

Kenyans haven’t read the room … again. Completely stupid. “

How can you get deaf tones? Incredible. “

“I am just a democrat. It’s good to support George Floyd and his family, but not today and not like that. ”

“See what this fool tweeted !! How could anyone be so sensitive ?? “

“Really nice !! The way to stand up to your furious followers over the corpses of children. You were an obsession as president and you are obviously a man!”

“I’ve seen a lot of dumb tweets in the last 24 hours… but it can take a cake! Wow, that’s disrespectful. “

“Obama is acting like school in the summer. No classes. Just the agenda. Sick f ** k.”

“There is no comparison of 19 innocent children including WTF, THUG George Floyd and their 2 teachers. What a POS !!!! This kind of Obama’s BS is annoying. “

“I support Floyd and Reason, but Mr. Obama, it tastes bad. Please delete. ”

“Are you high?”

“I’ll talk to the sick, go away, war criminal.”

“This is serial killer level sh * t.”

Talk about trying hard to remind people that you are angry, isn’t it?

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See, Dems need their base crazy and out on the street.

This is the only hope to bring them to the polls.

So, they would do anything to make it happen, even using the 19 murdered children as a stepping stone.

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