Americans angry after Dan Cranes cancels Texas event, and Jet of Two

Let me tell you – this Ukraine “war” must give us a glimpse of who is America First and who is America Last.

The rotten ones are easy to spot – they are politicians who threw themselves to take a photo in Ukraine, to send them another 40 40 billion after voting, while Americans are struggling to get back in the country.

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Didn’t I see a war zone that turned into one of the “Party Photo Booths”?

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It’s like getting your prom picture, or something.

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And to make matters worse, some politicians are canceling their events at home to go to Ukraine.

The last left to do this is none other than the establishment Warwick, Dan Cranesch.

Dan was cowardly about it and hid his plans from his constituents.

One of Cranshaw’s top men is a Trump-hater named Matt Wiltshire.

When asked why Dan is canceling his event in Texas, he won’t say.

Now, this morning we learn that Dan is in Ukraine.

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Again, America is over.

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When I say Americans are angry about this online, I’m not exaggerating.

Today’s social media feeds are full of reactions against Dan Cranshaw, whom many conservatives call the next “John McCain”.

It is understandable … After all, Dan admits that he received political advice from his friend Paul Ryan.


Here is what people are saying:

“I wonder how many people want to go to a war zone where millions have been evacuated. Not to mention that “visitors” are wearing their Sunday clothes without good shoes, if a bomb is nearby. “

“Sorry, but if this is a real war zone they won’t go there for PR photos.”

“Is it just me or something really bad about this war?”

“It’s not really a matter of Republicans or Democrats. Most politicians think only of themselves. It is the politicians against the people. “

“This guy from Texas needs to get rid of fast !!”

“Dan following John McCain’s warming move”

“She’s checking when her kick back starts.”

“Can they keep him? Please?”

“Apparently, you have to take your kick in person.”

“IPatch McCain”

“Another Reno to go”

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If Texas doesn’t get rid of this left now, it will take root and never leave, and the next one will be McCain, only worse.

Just because you have a compelling and courageous war story and you have served your country with dignity, does not mean that you will be a good politician.

Dan Cransh is one of our biggest Rhinos and he must go.

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