America unloads on quadruple-waxed Bill Gates when he announces he’s got Covid

Out of all the shock, another quadruple-waxed person was caught on COVID, and felt the need to tell us about it, and then thanks to the vaccine for not working and for claiming how “mild” their symptoms were.

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It was none other than Bill Gates.

Again, I would like to remind everyone that almost everyone infected with Kovid has “mild” symptoms regardless of wax status, so its survival rate is 99.8.

Looks like all the elite got a script to follow, right?

Well, if Bill was looking for some love and sympathy from the American people, he was really disappointed – obviously very few people like Bill Gates.

Here is what he said in a tweet:

I tested positive for COVID. I am experiencing mild symptoms and I am isolated following the advice of experts until I recover.

I am fortunate that I have been vaccinated and raised and have access to testing and great medical services.

The Gates Foundation is coming together today for the first time in two years, and I am fortunate to be able to see everyone on the team and thank them for their hard work.

We will continue to work with partners and do our best to ensure that none of us have to deal with the epidemic again.

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However, no one will be able to reply directly to his tweet.

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But don’t worry, America still listens to their voices and Bill sees every comment:

“Maybe try to exercise? If you have Man Boobs ID, pizza separation and eating is your best bet.”

“But you’ll never get well Bill, you’re sick!

“I don’t give a shit. Do you think I or anyone cares?”

“Why did you stop answering, coward?”

“Your vaccine protects your bad operating system as well.”

“You’ll always be sick, Bill, so it’s always better to be isolated.”

“Tell people you got Kovid? Nobody cares, friend. ”

“58MM followers and nobody cares a bit about what you came up with. Stop pushing your bad vaccine that doesn’t work. You live, you lose. “

“The billionaire eugenicist who believes in population control and the end of personal freedom gets Kovid. Hope something good. ”

“Hope you burn in hell, a ** hole”

“Caution Bill! Covid is deadly for older mammals ”

“Bill Gates is insane and should not be trusted to do anything with drugs.”

“I’m glad to be vaxxed and excited! Get your boosters too, kids! It’s working great! Don’t forget to punch your punch card, at number ten you’ll get two chilidogs from Sonic!”

“What a miserable coward you are, those Billgates. Disabling comments. But we have no doubt that you are getting the best care. Much like your child is getting the best education. Others have shortcomings. Because of your policy. “

“You made a mistake in giving us shots.”

“Why don’t you get permanently separated, Billy?”

“You should quarantine forever, lose.”

“Jobs isn’t working, Billy Boy.”

And comments like that continue. About 500 1,500 of them.

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My guess is that Bill Gates is fully aware that the Americans dislike him and his horrible dark art “science”, but he is an elite narcissist who has to get involved anyway.

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