Amber Hard has received more devastating news

Guys, I bet Amber Hard is really regretting writing a WAPO op-ed about Johnny Depp right now.

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This ruined his entire financial life.

When all is said and done, he owes Johnny Depp about 8 8 million.

And when a lot of people say, “No big deal … he can just file for bankruptcy and clear the debt …”

No, not so fast.

More news: Legal analysts shocked by Amber Hard’s recently released statement, saying he has again defamed Depp

In fact, Amber has just received some terrible news.

It turns out that most people can file for bankruptcy and get rid of a civil ruling debt… the only exception being a “defamation suit.”

You cannot delete these.



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Radar Online says Amber Hard needs to come up with a plan to bring in millions because she can’t use bankruptcy to save her ex-husband Johnny Depp from paying.

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On Wednesday, a jury of seven unanimously found that Hard had defamed the actor in a 2019 op-ed in the Washington Post.

The jury acted harshly while releasing the statement, which means they believe he did not tell the truth.

The actress was ordered by Dep to pay $ 10 million in damages and $ 5 million in punitive damages for a total of $ 15 million.

The judge did not allow Virginia only 350k in punitive damages – which would be reduced by 5 million. Hardk was awarded 2 million from his counter-lawsuit for his lawyer’s press statements against Depp.

It will be difficult for Hard to deliver the-10- মিল 15 million verdict as he admits that his acting role has dried up after Depp sued him. He can’t use bankruptcy to clear the debt.
“The award is not exempt,” Los Angeles-based attorney Ronald Richards told Punitive damages are never deductible or deductible. “

He added that “intentional torture, such as defamation, is not usually disposable.”

Hard’s party will probably appeal the verdict and either try to reduce the amount given or overturn the entire verdict. The actress has remained silent about her next legal action.

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Johnny Depp was in the UK at the time of the verdict, but he issued a statement saying he was “humble” and thanked the jury for giving him his life back.

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