Again, Joe Biden stumbled down the stairs of Air Force One

Joe Biden is falling right before our eyes.

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In every way, shape, and form possible.

From his failed attempts at speaking, he turned to the small stage looking for an exit, his random, and weak and faint overall look… Joe just a big walking mess.

After all, Joe is a disaster, and everyone gets to see and hear it, but the media refuses to report it.

And today, things got worse.

More news: [VIDEO] Too bad Joe is now using old 90’s “tricks” on Americans, and it’s backfire on his face.

We all remember when Joe Biden climbed the stairs of Air Force One, didn’t he?

Yes, it happened again today.

That’s right, Joe Biden stumbled upon Air Force One as he tried to walk down the stairs একমাত্র the only good news for Joe was that he stumbled once, not three times.

I guess it’s an improvement, isn’t it?

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Someone needs to take this guy to a nursing home and get him and the country out of this humiliating predicament.

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