After being repeatedly trashed in the United States, Valerie Bartinelli’s estranged husband has revealed

Until recently, food network host Valerie Bartinelli was quiet about her political views.

I didn’t know if he was a liberal or a conservative, and he should be, isn’t he?

We see enough politics in almost everything, some things like cooking ceremonies should be sacred and free from politics.

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And while we haven’t seen Val become political on his show, he has become “radical” online, repeatedly using his Twitter account to trash the United States.

Although America is a country that has provided a very stylish and elite lifestyle for almost its entire life with love.

He must have lived a very charming and blessed life in a country that he kept saying was not “the greatest.”

Bartinelli has repeatedly posted this tweet.

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Talk about not being grateful for what your country has given you.

Does Valerie think she had that kind of wild success and a talented life in the United States, Mexico or the Congo?

Does Valerie understand what the real trouble is?

Valerie fights the only thing to maintain her personal relationship and it’s certainly not “America’s” fault, is it?

It looks like Val is going to the divorce court again and the situation is getting worse.

Bartenelli’s estranged husband is now talking about his soon-to-be-ex-wife and how much he pulls in every month… and it will really bother you নয় not because he earns a hefty wage, but because he sits in his golden cage at such times. Yes, the country that gave him so much is throwing garbage at him.

Our gal Val is apparently hauling about 200K per month.

Radar Online reports that Valerie Bartinelli’s estranged husband has claimed that the actress is rolling in flour while going to government aid, Radar has learned. has received bombshell documents filed by Tom Vital as part of the ex-couple’s bitter divorce. Bartinelli originally applied for a legal divorce in November 2021 He cited “incoherent differences” as the cause of the split and demanded that neither party support the other.

In court documents, Bartenelli says she has been separated from her husband since December 2019. He believed that the prenup they had signed before the marriage included all financial matters.

A few months later, in May 2022, Bartinelli returned to court to amend his application for a now-complete divorce instead of a legal divorce.

In response, Vitale ridiculed the date of the separation listed by Bartenelli. He said they separated in November 2021, not December 2019. He also questioned the validity of the premarital contract.

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Further, his attorney asked the court to determine “the validity of the prenuptial agreement dated December 21, 2010 and / or any provision that is undesirable”.
In her new filing, Vitaly reveals her current job at the Postal Annex in Malibu. Starting this month, he will handle mail shipping / receiving.

The 60-year-old said he would earn 16 16 an hour. He has his associate degree in business.

Vitale then revealed that Bartenelli is pulling in about $ 180k a month based on its revenue and expense declarations filed in March.

Vitale said she needs support based on her $ 50k monthly expenses which include $ 20k rent, $ 1,730 for groceries, $ 2k for meals, $ 2,500 for vacations, $ 625 for clothes, রেখে 5k for savings and various other expenses. .

Bartenelli has not yet responded to the seizure of her estranged husband’s money.

The actress was previously married to rockstar Eddie Van Helen from 1981 to 2007. They have a son, Wolfgang.

Van Helen died of cancer in 2020. The actress wrote an emotional note after her momentary reading. “When I met you 40 years ago, my life changed forever. You gave me the only true light in my life, our son, Wolfgang.

Valerie sounds like your ordinary liberal elite. He is completely out of touch with what is really happening in his own country and in the world, and is only trying to give a good signal to his other millionaire liberal friends who “hate” the country.

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But for spoiled, narcissistic ingrats like Valerie, I say this: you have the money and the way to go. Then why are you sitting here complaining? Just pack up and live your life in a “good” country and leave the rest of us alone.

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