Adam Kinzinger faces EPIC response to violent, obscene, hateful tweets

War is not beautiful – many people die, some are monsters, sure, but many are not. Either way, it shouldn’t be considered a football game, because it isn’t.

It’s war.

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Although, wars are weird today … they seem a bit artificial, don’t they? Some people believe that they are just a big money laundering scam that has serious consequences.

As such they are a big “squid game” for the elite. This is a reference to the Netflix series. If you look at it you will understand what I mean.

What is happening between Ukraine and Russia looks like a “green screen” war. There is so much hype and “cheerleading” around it that it causes a lot of confusion and conspiracy theories to pop up.

Americans are skeptical, and you can’t blame them … There’s a huge lack of trust between the American people and DC right now.

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Add to that the fact that Joe Biden sent another 40 40 billion to Ukraine, while Americans are suffering from its rotten economy, skyrocketing inflation and rising gas prices – not to mention the shortage of child resources.

America is over.

And in the midst of all this, we’ve got the likes of GOP warlord and traitor Adam Kinzinger, who, in response to Russian officials, published really obscene and disgusting tweets about dead Russian soldiers.

It’s starting to feel like Adam really wants WW3.

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Here is what the Russian official said: “Good occasion to celebrate! But we still have a long way to go to de-nazify # NaziUkraine # Nazisinucrine # Mariupol # Azovnajis #Azvastal Surrender

Here is what Adam said in response: “Coincidentally, I am celebrating 27,000 dead Russian soldiers and one unemployed dozens of dead generals! How embarrassing for you !! # Slavyukren

Here’s what people are saying about Adam’s comments:

“There’s only one thing better than Kinzinger, the Cranes – to take orders from dumb obedient dogs and they’re proud of it.”

“These are the same people who denounced Trump for his lack of” civilization. “

“What a little pr * ck. Imagine if Trump tweeted this”

“This heinous POS was” very principled “for the Trump-led GOP. The war is nonsense. It’s the worst for the poor foot soldiers, who see no gain, but only pain and no alternative. Worse than anything. “

“Extremely irresponsible tweet from a current member of Congress. We have not declared war on Russia. Kinzinger is embarrassing. “

“It simply came to our notice then. Really unpleasant for any elected American official. And it does not help the people of Ukraine (whose flag he has placed before us). “

“You are a sick person and deserve a special place in hell. Trump has no problem with the GOP. That’s the rest of them. “

“These” people “serve on the US House of Representatives and are treated as part of the” honorable “class by those who dislike Marjorie Taylor Green.”

“I once had a twelve-hour cooldown to call this guy an Effing Warman. I was confused. He’s an Effing Ghost. “

“It’s disgusting and doesn’t help Ukraine at all, let alone the United States. How many of these Russian soldiers were teenagers from villages like Dagestan who had no choice but to go to Ukraine and die for the confusion of the dictator? It’s frustrating; No reason to celebrate “

“There’s never been a throat-cutting competition to see if the Trumpers can present themselves as the most cruisable. It’s a fierce, intense competition.”

“Undoubtedly the most dangerous person in the office. The United States has been embroiled in a direct confrontation with Russia over its use of force against the United States and its allies.

“This is a terrible person.”

“I am not joking when I say that neocons support endless warfare as a form of ritual sacrifice. Without it, they will be reduced to dust. “

“These people celebrate war and death, remember who you are against.”

“I and many other citizens of the United States are embarrassed to have a dishonest, inhuman, incompetent POS like yours in the office. No wonder your family avoided you. “

“Imagine tweeting this and think it’s embarrassing for someone else”

“America is led by the most confused bloodthirsty lunatics on the planet”

“There is a special place in hell for warriors like you.”

“What kind of satanic psycho celebrates the death of 27,000 people? These people are really a part of a death religion. Death and destruction are their religion. ”

This is fine if you want to support Ukraine, but remember, these are not football teams.

One of these countries is a superpower with nuclear power, and the other is bleeding American taxpayers.

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It’s not something to be “celebrated” on any level, and Mr. Kinzinger should know it.

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