Actor Mark Hamill has received a huge response for posting this horrible selfie picture

Is actor Mark Hamill mentally ill?

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I can’t imagine why he would post this annoying picture of himself in his “Jamie” and this bizarre tweet promoting the January 6 Shyam hearing …

You can’t be intelligent and you can. I’m sorry, but you can’t fix it.

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Hamil, an insane liberal who actually believes you can overthrow the entire US government with a fanny pack and a bottle of water, posted a picture of himself on his “suspicious everyone” PJ, wearing a little Benny nightcap, a “Criscross Apples” There’s an office chair with a bowl of popcorn and the caption: “I am ready to answer for the violent uprising against our government and the coup instigated by Trump and his minions. You will be watching January6thCmte #MustSeeTV “

What an absolute nutcase this man.

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As you can imagine, the internet has been unloaded in this buffoon:

“You have to pretend to be a glamorous silent movie thief to watch the congressional hearings that are exhausting.”

“Is this man all right?” Should we call for help? ”

“- Dear Mark Hamster, Calm down! I’m sure you’ve never read the Muh Constitution, but I can assure you it’s nothing like the complicated Star Wars scripts you have to memorize:” AHGFRR “ুন Read this and you’ll find that The DRUMPF not only respects this, but protects the rule of law in the United States. “

“Luke Skywalker was a rebel.”

“Suspect everyone”, except the government, apparently. “

“I’d rather watch the J6 cmte than be forced to watch The Last Jedi and your poor performance again, that’s for sure …”

“She looks like an adult Make-A-Wish kid.”

“Mark Hamill is a great example of a piss-poor actor who became famous for running a successful franchise cottage.”

“Growing up watching your childhood heroes get angry.”

“He went from rebellion of the empire to revolt of his medicine.”

“Doubt everyone. Except those with whom you agree. All right? “

“It’s really different to see a man with a Skywalker with an authoritarian group who wants to take away their rights.”

“You either die a rebellious filth, or live long enough to join the empire.”

Good lord. I’m showing this picture to my kids. #DontDodrags # Newborn Danger

“What’s so significant about a goat’s head in Star Wars?”

“Why does he look like I’m going to buy medicine from the Venice Boardwalk?”

“Imagine your life being so shallow”

“This guy is a certified dog.”

“The lack of self-awareness is amazing … he’s wearing a shirt that says ‘Suspect everyone’, while preparing himself to trust corrupt politicians. You’ve played well.”

“If it doesn’t scream mental illness, I don’t really know what to do.”

“TDS is powerful with it”

“One tweet at a time is how to destroy a legacy.”

“Mark wants you to ‘suspect everyone’ – those who are working tirelessly to convince us, except for the biased news promoters, that those who disrupted the official count of the Electoral College in 1/6 are more dangerous than those who set fire to local businesses.” Summer 2020. “

“If Luke Skywalker had been Mark Hamill, he would have been such a sucker for imperialist propaganda.”

I could sit here all night and make negative comments, there are thousands, but I think you got the picture.

I will say this, one really good thing that has come from social media is that it has allowed many celebrities to ruin their careers on their own.

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These people are not extraordinary or extraordinary at all. They are so accustomed to being controlled by a PR team, and when they are only allowed to be on their own, you can quickly see how much lower they actually are than average.

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