Actor and activist Rob Rainer predicts end of democracy in Donald Trump Hall

Rainer’s message on Twitter and MSNBC was simple today: “It’s not about whether you support Republicans or Democrats. Whether you support democracy rather than dictatorship. “Insults from Democrats, independents, and non-MAGA Republicans by the GOP’s far-right are undermining democracy’s chances of survival. Donald Trump’s presidency is a stagnant tumor at the bottom of our politics.” Has taken and created a metastasized cancer that, if not fought aggressively, will kill many Americans and our democracy. There is ample undeniable evidence that Trump and his opportunistic, corrupt surrogates tried to steal the election. Trump wrote an election fraud script against him to cover up a conspiracy to force election officials to change votes for him.

Rainer stressed the danger of Trump’s escape by inciting revolt. He believes in Trump’s inappropriate, secretive relationship with Russia and Putin. In the book, The Conspiracy to destroy democracy by Malcolm Nance, Vladimir Putin’s tactics to destroy American democracy have been analyzed in detail. The publisher explained:

Inside The largest intelligence operation in the history of the world, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States with the help of a foreign power. The Plot to Destroy Democracy reveals the dramatic story of how Vladimir Putin and his spies used blackmail, espionage, assassinations and psychological warfare to steal the 2016 US election – and NATO sought to bring down the European Union. And Western democracy. It will show how Russia and its Fifth Column allies sought to re-engineer the foundations of democracy in order to re-engineer the world political system that has liberated much of the world since 1945. ”

Mr Rainer tirelessly tweeted about a key point for the survival of democracy. Using Trump’s manipulative tactic of repeating statements over and over again to influence public opinion, Rainer repeatedly posted two or three tweets:

  • “A vote for a Republican is a vote to end democracy.”
  • “Every day that goes by without blaming Donald Trump for leading a deadly uprising to overthrow the United States government brings us closer to the end of democracy one day.”
The example was a foretaste of Trump’s level of corruption that would lead to the January 6 uprising. The criminal investigations involving Donald Trump are extensive, corrupt, and driven by the pathological relationship of former presidents with power and money. In this moment of our political conversation, Trump finds addicts understandable and uneducated when they argue that these countless investigations are unfounded witchcraft victims. Even an investigation like the one depicted in this chart raises doubts about a person’s character and integrity. The problems involved in these investigations show a clear violation of the rule of law, contempt for fair business practices and disrespect for the feelings and well-being of others. The selection of a person tarnished by his association with criminals, a track record for non-payment of taxes and debts, and a wide-ranging pattern of lying and gaslighting undermines America’s integrity.

However, Rainer did another tweet this week that sent a message of hope for democracy: the victory of democracy!

France has rejected the far-right candidate for the presidency, Marine Le Pen, and re-elected Emmanuel Macron by a wide margin. In addition, Ukraine is successfully fighting for its democracy to survive the brutal invasion of Russia. Fortunately, the “big lie” roadshow is playing out to smaller, less enthusiastic crowds. The new Republican Party is controlling damage every day in the scandals of Marjorie Taylor Green, Madison Catherine, Kevin McCarthy and Mark Meadows, and ignoring the problems at the kitchen table that are important to the average American family. The chances of most Americans voting against democracy by electing MAGA candidates are dwindling day by day.

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