Active, 53-year-old Beverly Hills celebrity doctor died while hiking

The sad news to report is that a healthy, relatively young Beverly Hills doctor went on a trip to Los Angeles and died of a heart attack.

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Dr. J. Goldberg was a “celebrity” doctor who gave birth to many children in Hollywood and even appeared on reality shows.

Sadly, he is dead now, and many are sorry, no one is discussing how strange it is that a healthy doctor had a heart attack and died while hiking.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, they responded to Rustic Canyon Road around 11:39 a.m. Sunday for reports of a man falling down a trail. The two rescuers were dropped off at the park where they found Goldberg. The Los Angeles County coroner said he died of a heart attack.

The New York Post reports that a Hollywood celebrity doctor died while hiking in Los Angeles Park last weekend, according to a report.

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Jay Goldberg, an OBGYN from Beverly Hills in Cedar-Sinai, was found dead Sunday by first responders in Will Rogers State Park, Fox News reported.

It was determined that Goldberg, 53, had died of a heart attack.

Goldberg’s celebrity clients identified him as a hiker on social media on Friday to mourn the untimely death of their beloved doctor.

Teddy Melankamp, ​​star of “Real Housewives in Beverly Hills” has written an emotional post mourning the death of “an incredible doctor” who gave birth to her children.

He posted a video of Goldberg’s appearance on a reality TV show with his family.

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“I am writing this with a heavy heart as we mourn the death of Dr. J. Goldberg. An incredible doctor to many, he brought all my children to this world, saving Cruz’s life in the process, “Melankamp wrote in the caption.

“I am just happy to be able to help. Our prayers and condolences go out to her family and loved ones as they mourn in the hope that all the good things she has done will bring some comfort in this difficult time. “

Is it somehow forbidden to talk about how many “young / healthy” people are suddenly suffering from heart problems and dying of a heart attack?

I mean, I know I’m not the only one noticing it … Yet, oddly enough, none of these stories mentioned anything as “weird” or “curious”.

It is not uncommon for an active, healthy 53-year-old to die of a heart attack.

My dad died of a heart attack in his 50s, but he was overweight, a heavy smoker, and hadn’t seen a doctor in years … This guy was fit and active, so what the heck did he give?

Why do we see so many people like Dr. Goldberg with sudden heart problems?

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Obviously, I don’t know what the medical history of this person is, but can anyone understand the “changes” in our society that may be the cause of the heart disease that so many are dealing with now, and shouldn’t we look at it?


Good luck.

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