ABC’s “The View” made a very embarrassing mistake when they booked Monday

The cat women from The View came out of the studio and made their way to the Bahamas, where they taped the show amidst all the palm trees and tropical beauty.

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Of course, the show itself did not match that calm, tropical purity.

Cat women were exasperated and insane for the recent SCOTUS regime that hit Rowe vs. Wade.

As you can guess, the two women who were foaming at the mouth were Huppy and Joy Behar … two “ladies” who have passed the years of raising their children.

Good past.

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Joy believes America is now entering the “Handmaids Tale” era, and Hoopy just wanted to attack Justice Thomas and the fact that he married a white woman.

But everything, of course, is abortion-centric, and how important it is for women; As if there aren’t a million types of birth control available on every street corner, dirt is cheap.

But the producers made an embarrassing mistake when booking this show.

Hoopi and Joy are blowing the whistle on abortion restrictions in America, from a place that doesn’t even allow abortions.

That’s right.

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Abortion is illegal in the Bahamas.

Stupidity and hypocrisy off the charts.

Its ridiculous is quite ridiculous.

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These barking wolf-crazy natjabs go on a tropical journey and urinate and cry about abortion from the comfort of a country that doesn’t even allow it.

Perfect leftist rage …

It’s all so fake.

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