A woman has been found dead in the Arkansas River connected to a Clinton adviser who “murdered.”

Something very strange is happening in Arkansas.

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Is it a coincidence?


Or is it something else?

I can tell you there are some bizarre relationships with Clinton and that infamous “body count”.

It all started with a 47-year-old woman named Ashley Haynes.

Ashley died in late January. His body was found on the banks of the Arkansas River.

More news: Newsmax host Greg Kelly has just said something “very fishy” about the shooting.

Kark.com reports that Maumel police say they have found the body of a paddleboarder who went missing first Wednesday.

In a statement, Maumel Police Department Capt. David Collins said Ashley Haynes’ body was found in the waters north of the Arkansas River around noon Sunday.

This is the area where authorities have been searching for Haynes for three days.

A search team discovered the body and alerted police, Collins said.

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He noted that there were no signs of bad play and that the body would be handed over to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for further investigation.

Haynes was reported missing Wednesday after failing to return home from paddle boarding on the river.

From the surface, it sounds like a tragic paddle boarding accident, doesn’t it?

But things get really weird.

But before that we talk about Mark Middleton again. He is a former Clinton adviser and lawyer who killed himself, although his business partner has said he did not kill himself and has called for an independent investigation.

We’ll get back to Mark in a moment.

Now, the weird part is radar online is reporting something completely different about Ashley’s death.

They say Ashley Haynes found an electric cord attached to a concrete block around her ankle.

They are also reporting that Mark Middleton’s body was found with “the same” electrical cord and a shotgun blast in the chest.

I am going to take a screenshot of the Radar article and post it here in case of change or deletion.

They also report that Mark was in Middleton’s office just before Ashley died. A business associate of Mark’s said he had seen her.

A shocked business associate who knew Middleton and called for an independent investigation into her May 7 death told RadarOnline.com that it was no coincidence that Haynes, 47, went to Clinton’s now-dead friend’s office to discuss a financial matter.

“I saw him in Mark’s office!” Business partner RadarOnline.com. “I was leaving and he (Middleton) was telling me he had a very important financial meeting – and that woman had arrived!”

I’m not sure what to do.

I went online and hunted for some other story that would support the radar report, but I couldn’t find anything.

We have an “official” report that says Ashley was found dead on the riverbank, and no bad game was suspected, and we have the radar version, which says he was found with an electric wire around his ankle tied to a concrete block. Gone.

But there is more. See more of what Radar Online has to say about Ashley:

Haynes, the mother of two in Maumelle’s Little Rock suburb, disappeared on Jan. 12, leaving a note on her kitchen island counter that read, “On the water, I love you.” According to a police report obtained from RadarOnline.com, he was last seen paddling boarding in a wet suit by a local resident.

After a thorough search, his body was discovered four days later by a family friend – submerged in 10 feet of water!

“Mr Haynes had a bag tied to his leg with a green extension cord,” the police report said. “Inside the bag was a large concrete block measuring 16x16x4.”
A source close to Haynes, who worked for a charity to feed and clothe the homeless, told Radar that the 110-pound former model became a yoga teacher, never taking his own life – dropping a 58-pound concrete suicide block on a paddleboard down the river!

“It doesn’t make sense, he will never commit suicide,” Haynes said. “I knew in that look that he had disappeared. I don’t believe he committed suicide. How can he throw water into the river with concrete blocks! ”

There are two completely different stories.

I had to see if it was the same person. Could two paddle boarders named Ashley Haynes die on the Arkansas River in January?

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I guess it will remain a mystery, and it equates to anything involved with Clinton.

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