A “swap” dream of oranges officially went up in smoke

Remember when Joe was first installed, and everyone talked about the plan that was, where Joe would work for a while and then Orange would enter and take charge?

This was called “swap”.

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It was a common way of thinking to many people since Joe was so old and weak (he was actually much sharper and stronger than he is now), that he would resign and take on orange responsibilities.

How stupid Orange is before we realize it. I mean, we all knew he was a ding-a-ling, but we didn’t know it would be that bad. It’s almost unbelievable.

Once it became clear that oranges were inferior and less preferred than stone boxes, people began to suspect that there would be a “swap”.

Then, suddenly, the “swap” style came back.

This happened because Joe Biden’s cognitive condition was so bad and he looked very weak.

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Recently, he fell off his bike, which wasn’t even moving, and then we all saw his “cue card” that tells him: “You sit in your seat.”

Freeze the bones.

Thus, “swap” has been seen to be re-introduced. I mean, how on earth could Joe Biden continue his work for another 3 months, let alone 3 years?

It simply means that they will now make the switch to avoid further disasters down the road.

But it will not be. Not now, not later, never.

I dare say, with the exception of some extremely serious medical problems, “switching” off, and probably never will.

A new poll has just been released, and it’s full of bad news for Tim Biden and Orange.

First, most Americans believe that Joe Biden has gone too far mentally and is too weak to run for president.

Second, and that’s the real kick.


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Brittbert reports that most voters are concerned about President Joe Biden’s mental and physical well-being, according to a poll released Thursday.

The survey, conducted by Scott Rasmussen and RMG Research, asked, “How worried are you about President Joe Biden’s mental and physical well-being?”

Overall, 59 percent said they were worried, of which 39 percent were “very worried” and 20 percent were “slightly worried.”

Only 35 percent of respondents are not worried, of which 18 percent are “not too worried” and 17 percent are not at all worried. Only six percent have no opinion.

The survey further asked, “Suppose President Biden resigns and Kamala Harris becomes president. Will it be good or bad for the United States? ”

Forty-seven percent believe the nation will be worse off with Harris as president, while only 27 percent believe the nation will be better off with Harris. 26 percent were uncertain.

What a great. America doesn’t like Orange Harris, that’s for sure.

And they think Joe has mosquitoes for the brain.

81 million people.

The survey sampled 1,200 voters between June 23-25 ​​with a +/- 2.8 point error.

Joe’s number one problem is not his terrible policy, it’s him.

He can change policy or change his opinion on a subject – God knows he has flip-flop his whole career, but he can’t change his brain.

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And this is what frightens Americans the most, whether they admit it or not.

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