A simple picture shows the whole “green agenda” of the Left so vividly,

Well, I did it. I found a picture of the most dumb thing in the world. Okay, maybe not the most stupid … I once saw a picture of a guy driving alone in a convertible wearing a mask. It was probably the most stupid, but here it is a close second, trust me.

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Dr. Eli David is the person responsible for sharing it… a photo that adds the whole “green agenda” of the left in the most spot-on and bright way.

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Now, I know, we already know how stupid and hypocritical it is, but looking at such a simple display in such a simple photo is really a work of art, and that’s why it has gone viral.

So what is it?

Well, this is a picture of a straw wrapped in plastic.

Good lord, you can’t take these people seriously, can you?

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Photos here:

Well, as you can imagine, a lot of people had a lot to say about this:

“There are some really smart people in our straw industry. Ha ha ha ”

“Also, they wrap the plastic straw on the paper LOL”

“It’s a perfect example of the Left’s ‘Going Green’ nonsense. It feels empty and exists only to make people feel good. ”

“This is to save the hay from catching the covid and give it to the grandmother of some poor tortoise.”

“You can’t stuff this up”

“Sadly, that’s actually true. The most important thing out there is that the protection of living ecosystems on Earth has been hijacked by irrational, unscientific ideologies that hinder rather than help achieve results.”

The best part of this tweet is the historical leftists who are shouting that plastic is “biodegradable”.

Well, no, it’s not really …

Plastic is not naturally biodegradable
This is another myth that needs to be broken. Many plastics will not biodegrade naturally. Due to the conditions required for their biodegradation, lots of plastics will only be biodegraded at industrial facilities.

If the packaging is sitting on the landfill, it will not rot naturally.

It just sits there.

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How ignorant these people are about their own cause.

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