A popular British rapper just said out loud what everyone was thinking

The reason the world feels like a twilight zone now is that we are all seeing what is happening, but half the world is pretending that it is not happening.

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And I’m referring to Joe Biden and his obvious cases of dementia or Alzheimer’s… or anything else that is eating away at his brain.

We all see it unfold before our eyes every single day, and it is getting worse, not better, yet, our media and a part of our country pretends that nothing is unusual.

It is quite normal for a person who is considered to be the leader of the free world to not be able to speak clearly, or read the teleprompter, or memorize basic information like human name and profession.

Suddenly, after 4 years of hyper-focusing on every little thing President Trump does, we no longer pay attention to any of them, and “Alzheimer’s” in the White House is perfectly normal, just as long as Trump is no longer in office or tweeting “mean” things.

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This is the mentality of the people in this minority group, and for some reason, we allow this bunch of fringes to call shots and set tunes, and I don’t know why.

Fortunately, many people are saying “enough” and telling the truth – and one of those people is a British rap star. Teeth.

This guy is amazing, and he had the courage to say what most of us in the media and politicians don’t say.

He said what most people in the world think.

Here is what Jubi said:

The United States is clearly doing well under Trump. They really got rid of that guy and replaced him with someone with dementia, because he upset some people and made them feel bad. Sweet sweet democracy.

Millions of people would rather have a collapsing economy, skyrocketing inflation, and horrendous foreign policy … unless their feelings are hurt and they don’t have to read triggering tweets.

And I guess that’s because you can’t prove a counter-factuality, but I also doubt that Putin would have invaded Ukraine if Trump were still the US president.

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Give this guy a gold star, he nailed it better than anyone in our worthless media.

Thank God for people like Zubair, and for others in the foreign media who are truly the only ones who have reported the truth about Joe Biden’s condition and what it is doing in the United States.

Without them, there would be no one willing to talk honestly about what is happening to us.

This “safe haven” mentality on the left has troubled us all and our country. A bunch of weak, crying adults, who can’t handle words or opinions that don’t agree with them, have created a bubble of irrationality that we are all living now.

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This is a clown world, and we have to finish it in 2022 and 2024.

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