A new piece of alarming information has come out about the arrest of Nancy Pelosi’s husband

Nancy Pelosi is probably hitting the sauce pretty hard this morning when they arrested her elderly husband over the weekend for a suspected DUI.

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CBS News has unequivocally reported that Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was arrested late Saturday night in their home state of California on charges of driving under the influence after two cars collided, according to California Highway Patrol and court records.

The CHP said Pelosi, 82, was driving a 2021 Porsche that collided with a 2014 Jeep when Pelosi’s car tried to cross a state road in Napa County. Pelosi was booked into two DUI-related counties at the Napa County Detention Center.

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He was released on সকালে 5,000 bail on Sunday morning, court records show.

But that’s not the whole story.

A huge chunk of the story is missing, and the Daily Mail has just filled in …

It turns out that Paul Pelosi actually blew up a stop sign and was hit by someone else and then he went to jail.

He could have killed someone.

The Daily Mail reports that Nancy Pelosi’s drunken husband Paul was five miles from her napa’s home when she blew up a stop sign while crossing the highway at 10:22 pm and crashed her new Porsche into a jeep, according to the arrest report.

Excellent, how most MSM did not publish that part. 3

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“Now tell me, will he face legal action or will he walk?” DUI accident. Bet you all Kali residents who have made the same mistake in life will see why you are a pawn to the political elite! ”

“I would be drunk if I married her.”

“I bet he’ll walk away with a warning like all the elite …”

“Slap in the hand crime for drunken Pelosi. Heck Nancy is drunk and has a press conference. “

“Hey, maybe Pelosi should stop the Jan. 6 investigation and focus on her elderly drunken husband before she kills someone with her car?”

“There is absolutely no excuse for drinking and driving; but if I were married to her I would probably drink too.

“Will Pelosi demand that her husband face trial?”

“Why is someone so old and irresponsible still driving?”

“I’m confused..first it’s a misdemeanor..then it’s a 2-vehicle involved, no fault highway collision and he blew up on .08”

“She married him because she was surprised he wasn’t always drunk.”

“Does Nancy drive a car? Every day between 9am she is dropped off by the 5th part of the gray goose so I think she will have a lot of DUI if she does that.”

Okay, I don’t think Pelosi will have any “hard times”, so you can keep the #LockHimUp songs away.

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However, this is a great opportunity to further humiliate and ridicule Nancy.

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