A lot of people are noticing some “fish” about Uvalde

If you are a regular reader of WayneDupree.com, you know that we are a blog that brings you news, but we also want to share unique stories that you won’t find anywhere else and insights into what people are talking about online, well , Worse, or otherwise.

If there’s a cookie theory floating around and I see a lot of people talking about it, I’m likely to bring it to you.

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That doesn’t mean I agree with it, sometimes I do, but it does mean I think it’s interesting, or weird, or maybe I want to show you what people are saying and let you draw your own conclusions, it’s still It’s okay to be in America, isn’t it?

Actually, no, it’s not… but I’m a rebel.

Sometimes I reject these popular conspiracy theories, even if they come from our side. I know there’s a lot of fake news floating around – some of it comes from us, and most of it comes from other places, especially big outlets like CNN, ABC, USA Today, etc.

The fake news that they spread is much more harmful than a blog, believe me.

So, in order to satisfy the “data-testers” who are probably reading this, I have noticed again something that a lot of people are talking about online, and that involves shooting in the air.

Now, before we dive into it, let me tell you that I have a lot of mixed feelings about school shooting.

I was horrified and confused by the “non” response of the police, and I was also confused by the lack of media coverage, and how it got out of the news so quickly, with so many unanswered questions.

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When comparing Columbine’s coverage to Uvalde’s, it’s not even in the same orbit, yet logically, Uvalde is even more terrifying, since the kids were too young, and a lot of it was dirty.

I have not yet been able to draw a conclusion as to why Uvalade seems so strange in terms of the police and the media, but many people have a strong opinion, and since I see a lot of it everywhere, I decided to share it with you.

First, before I get into it, I just want to define what a “false flag” is:

Many people misunderstand this and think that a “false flag” means something was staged and using the so-called “crisis actor”.

This is the definition of a false flag:

A false flag operation is an act carried out with the intention of disguising the real source of responsibility and imposing blame on the other party. The term “false flag” originated in the 16th century as an expression meaning a deliberate misrepresentation of someone’s allegiance.

Here is what many are saying online:

“U-Valde looks like an erroneous false flag.”

“Oh, it was clear right now. Especially the first reports from BC had the same description as Sandy Hook. Now we see how much the police were told to stand and be allowed to be slaughtered. Just like the officers stood in J6.”

“It simply came to our notice then. 911, the Boston Marathon bombings, the Vegas shootings, and many other events where we don’t really have the answer. Just more policies that don’t work. “

Killing “Bochd” 20 doesn’t seem dirty to me. Let the gunman near the chief kill 20 people so they can start taking weapons from law-abiding citizens. Oh and more probably paid for purpose weapons. Yes, I know I’m a conspiracy theorist. “

“Why didn’t they give details of the debit card they used and how the money went into the account?” If he steals his Grandmas debit card, which is a long time ago, it is not his Grandmas debit card … “

“Just like Vegas. A city with all the cameras, and just a few of us Purp pulling a suitcase. And after it was published, the story disappeared. But the call for ‘gun control’ is never made. “

“How could a child without a driving license buy 2 expensive rifles, optics and ammunition ????”

Was the police supposed to be “heroes” by saving at least some children? These results show the need for citizens and teachers to be armed. # StupidActually! “

Human events editor Jack Posobic also has concerns but he was somewhat vague with his approach.

Here is what he said: “They are lying about Uvalade.”

Indeed, we have been lied to. That is a reality at this time.

Above my head, that broad “key” story about the classroom door was a memorable and very well thought out and detailed lie.

But we are not being told the whole truth either, because such a big question is not being discussed at all, and people are feeling very confused and panicked.

“I’m starting to think it was done to make Texas blue and snatch guns.”

Where did the gunman get the money to buy guns and all ammunition on a “part-time salary”?

“It’s weird. A policeman’s wife was bleeding. She protested, tried to enter the house, and they took her. The door wasn’t locked and no one tried to open it. They have a ballistic shield. 70 minutes, let her shoot.” Lots of lies. “

“Why was that school police supervisor appointed as city commissioner the next morning?”

“I’ve never been into conspiracy theories, however, many would have believed Uwald’s first and even second story if so many lies had not been revealed. Now, many are questioning other “mass shots”.

“The story of the police trying to use too many keys is a complete lie.”

“As a retired teacher, I can say unequivocally: absolutely no classroom can be locked from the inside. It is against the law. We need to be able to get out quickly in an emergency. ”

“Clearly. This whole situation stinks and it’s getting clearer.”

“They want to snatch the guns of law-abiding citizens for something we have nothing to do with! Their police stood, almost as if they had done something intentional to try and disarm the American people!

The bottom line is that at a time in history when the American people have never been more skeptical about their government and the media, it would be a good idea for these two organizations to be as transparent as possible.

And if they don’t, and things remain sketchy and confusing, you can’t be shocked or upset if conspiracy theories are made.

This is a normal progression when people think they are not getting answers or they see that they are being lied to.

Throwing the police under the rug is so horrible and bizarre to show incompetence, but gun control, which will do nothing to stop this kind of crime, is moving so fast through the sacred halls of Congress.

Again, these things are the “red flags” that the American people are seeing and feeling and you can’t really blame them.

The school is to be demolished.

Uvalade, a Texas elementary school where a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers last month, will be demolished, the city mayor said.

Speaking at an emotional council meeting with residents on Tuesday, Uvalade Mayor Don McLaughlin said he did not believe any children or teachers should be told to return to Rob Elementary School, where the May 24 deadly shooting took place.

“My understanding – and I discussed this with the superintendent – that school will be dismantled,” he said.

McLaughlin added, “You can never tell a child to go back or tell a teacher to go back to that school.”

No timeline was provided for the destruction.

Now, I realize, it’s traumatic. It took me forever to go back to my parents ’house, where my father died of natural causes.

But for those who are already becoming more skeptical of the situation, it will seem “strange” in many cases.

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This “conspiracy theory” is the logical consequence of what happens when the local and federal government and an entire media complex lose the trust of its people.

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