A journalist has finally fully investigated Biden’s “childhood stuttering”

There are many things that bothered me about the so-called “presidency” of Joe Biden, but one thing that got me a lot under my skin was this claim about his childhood stuttering.

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It annoys me that our media and politicians are telling us that a person who seems to have a ragging case of dementia is behaving this way only because of childhood stuttering.

This is the biggest and most dishonest scandal, and to call it an insult to our intelligence. And what’s even more annoying is how the media deals with this fraud, as if somehow, Biden, wandering around, is completely lost on the 10-foot stage, as he stutters as a child… or Biden confuses his sister with his wife, or one after the other. One over-the-top lie, because he stutters at such a young age, such a heinous mockery of mental health and speech challenges, I can’t do that either.

More news: Biden’s team seems to have a new plan to deal with those pesky “dementia-like” moments

It spills my blood to the level that these rogue politicians will go down to freely load the American people.

Another problem with this so-called “childhood stuttering” claim is that the media repeats these nonsense without their work and investigation.

Has anyone on ABC News or CNN actually sat down and watched clips of the former Biden for hours on end to see if “stuttering” was a big part of his public adult life?


They simply take the story at face value and run with it. No “data-testing” is required, apparently.

Well, I’m thrilled to learn that a conservative journalist has done what the mainstream media should have done in 2019. He went back and listened to Joe Biden’s 43-hour clip from 1986 to 2018, to find that infamous “childhood stuttering”.

And what he discovered is quite interesting.

I don’t want to ruin it for you, because the whole article is really interesting and worth reading from beginning to end… I will link to the last part of this summary.

Suffice it to say, the media should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

The author’s name is Poppy Fields, and he calls what he did “Joe Biden Childhood Starter Project.”

I started the Starter Project by logging on to CSPAN.org and typing “Joe Biden” into the search box. I sorted my clips from “old to new”. My goal was to investigate the types of Joe’s lectures from the mid-80s to 2018. I thought these dates were wide enough to search for stuttering.

I used “notes” on my Mac to keep track of everything. I have listed all the clips by date, from the oldest to the newest. I wrote the title of the clip, the length, the link and my thoughts and observations. If I get a “stutter” I will put three asterisks next to the clip and note the time of the stutter in my notes so I can get a video of it later.

And speaking of those notes, I’ll include them all at the end of this piece.

I watched and listened to Joe Biden’s nearly 43 hours of lectures, press conferences, debates, Senate chats, interviews, and other bizarre news. I even saw Joe walking in the parade for about 34 minutes, chatting with the parade-passengers.

And what I’ve found is that Joe Biden, though not the most eloquent or inspirational speaker, was actually a pretty good speaker.

He was always a funny joke, and he never took himself too seriously. He was captivating, and he engaged the crowd whether they attended a conference, a journalist or a visitor at home, Joe always felt everyone involved and connected.

One of Joe’s best assets was wearing a variety of hats. Depending on his temperament and subject matter he had different speaking styles and styles. He could be “Ahhh” Joe, or the deeply emotional Joe, or the laser-centered and serious Joe. He knew how to read a room and adapt himself accordingly.

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It took her about a month to complete, and what I like about this piece is that she not only discusses in detail what she has learned about Joe’s style, behavior, and political ideology, but she has recently written about Joe’s. He also found some unique fragments ত stutters, ”and pieces of Obama’s stuttering past. The media’s treatment of Obama’s stuttering is impressive, which was actually very public throughout his eight-year reign of terror.

Here is an example from Poppy’s revolver piece:

Speaking of tactics, the LA Times actually referred to Obama’s stuttering as an “intellectual stammer.”

Here is what journalist Meghan Doom said about Obama’s stuttering:

But consider this: It’s not that Obama can’t speak clearly. It is that he recruited intellectual stammer. Don’t be distracted by stuttering, which the President doesn’t have, the intellectual stun signal a brain that is moving so fast that it can’t keep its mouth shut. Conflicts are commonly found among university professors, between Woody Allen’s film characters and these types of public thinkers who may appear in C-Span but not CNN. If you are a member or fan of that subset, you probably won’t be bothered by the President’s hustle and bustle; In fact, you might even love him for it (he sounds like your grad school roommate, especially when he drinks too much Scotch and tries to explain Hegelian dialectics!)
The truth is that Barack Obama stutters or hangs – whatever you say – much more in his adult years than Joe Biden.

The funny thing is how the media hid Obama’s public stuttering because he was an intellectual and had a stutter under him. But in 2020, the media pushed Joe’s phantom stuttering because he was getting old and stuttering was an excuse for him.

As you may have already noticed, Poppy has proved that Joe Biden’s childhood stuttering did not affect his public life – but much more than that, how he proved it and what he discovered along the way, which I found very interesting. I encourage you to read the whole article Here.

You will not be disappointed.

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Also, he has shared all his notes from the 70+ clips he has seen and an interesting peek into how Joe Biden turned into a monster.

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