4 shocking photos showing Jill scolding harshly like a child, “sad”

Is there any doubt that Jill Biden is the Big Boss?

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The # 1 handler from hell, and the nursemaid?

Well, if anyone doubts, these four pictures that I’m going to share with you should prove that the good “doctor” is wearing pants and calling shots, and her elderly-abused husband has no say, whatever.

As the first photo shows Jill and Joe engaged in conservation, Joe seems to be arguing his point very passionately. She is holding a newspaper and talking to Jill, who is standing there, in full charge, with her hands in the pockets of her ugly clothes.

In the next photo, you can see that Joe is looking at Jill while she is talking. I would say Joe was looking “purposefully,” but he seems too confused to use the term.

Whatever it is, she’s really looking deeply at him, and seems to be pressuring him to understand what he’s saying.

The newspaper he was holding in the first picture is no longer seen.

His shoulders are very square, and his hands are in his pockets.

Total alpha-stance.

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Seeing his harsh body language, it seems that he is angry.

Joe looks confused and sad.

Like a baby.

In the next photo, Jill is clearly talking to a sad and frowning Joey.

Again, she looks like a baby that will burst into tears.

He looks at the ground as if he is defeated, ashamed and sorry.

Jill is still square-off, stiff, and still has his hands in his pockets.

In the final film, Joe and Jill walk separate paths.

Jill still looks harsh and unforgiving. You can “feel” that he is angry as soon as he leaves.

We can now see that the newspaper is in Joe’s other hand.

His expression is one of defeat and sorrow.

He looks like a baby who was just scolded by his mother.

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And in reality, it’s probably closer to what happened.

It looks and feels like big abuse.

Here’s what people are saying online:

It’s sad. A story is told in four parts about the abuse of adults. Terrible, terrifying. “

“Fake in poppy pants almost feels bad for the president .. almost never”

“A mother and her baby boy”

“What is it with his lemonade?” A reflection of his personality, perhaps? ”

“Jill wears pants and Joe defecates between them”

“Jill is always after fruit or flower recycled shower curtains?”

“Free world leader haha”

“She looked like a depressed puppy in this picture.”

“It’s sad and embarrassing for both.”

Joe: “I want pudding while looking at pictures in the newspaper!”
Jill: “No! You can’t eat pudding until you have a nap!”
Joe: “I never get my way.”

“Carol Barnett looks like a skit from the show.”

In a “normal situation,” you would look at such photos and think it was an intimate, personal moment between husband and wife captured on camera.

But this is not normal.

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Thus, it looks and feels like a moment of great abuse between an annoyed handler and a confused dementia patient caught on camera.

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