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SCOTUS clerks confused as official Zero in hunt down cell phone data

According to CNN, the search for the leaker is intensifying.

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I have mixed feelings about it.

I don’t know if there really is a “victim”, but I know they want us to remember that there is.

But who knows, maybe I’m just whimsical.

After all, podcasts Eric Metaxas About the investigation it says: Before this is over, at least one SCOTUS judge must resign …

Time will tell, but the wetland has saved itself … Just ask Michael Susman, who has just been found “not guilty.” 3

But for now, according to CNN, investigations inside SCOTUS are heating up so much that clerks are panicking.

More news: Annoying details about what’s going on behind the WH closed door … Biden is a confused, ticking time bomb

The nervousness came after they were told to turn on their cell phones …

Supreme Court officials are stepping up their search for the source of the leaked draft opinion, which will overturn Rowe v. Wade, taking the necessary steps for law clerks to sign cell phone records and affidavits. Some clerks are apparently so concerned about these steps, especially the sudden requests for personal cell data, that they have begun to investigate whether to hire an outside counselor.

The court’s actions are unprecedented and the most interesting development so far is the investigation into who could provide the opinion poll to Politico, published May 2.

Out-of-court lawyers who have become aware of the new investigation into cell phone details have warned of possible interference in the clerks’ private activities without disclosing it to the media, saying they may feel the need to seek independent advice.

An appellate lawyer with knowledge of the law clerks’ new claim said, “This is what people who are similar in other government investigations will do.” “It would be hypocritical for the Supreme Court to prevent its own employees from taking advantage of that basic legal protection.”

Law Clarks ‘growing investigation reflects Roberts’ concerns about privacy breaches and possibly further leaks. It further suggests that the court has so far failed to determine the source of the politics.

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Former law clerks say the document could be sent to about 75 people through regular channels. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Look, here’s the thing … If I were a SCOTUS clerk and leaked some documents to Politico, the last thing I would do is use my own phone.

If it was a rogue “clerk” (which I suspect it was), I would have the common sense to buy an undetected burner phone and communicate that way.

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You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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An annoying account of what is happening behind closed doors has come out … Biden’s

I stumbled upon a very interesting article this morning, and I want to share it with you.

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Now, if you are a regular reader here, you will know that it is my belief that Biden’s vote is in the toilet because America can clearly see that this man should be in a nursing home, not in the White House.

So, what could be the so-called “success” along Biden’s path is not considered. The long and short thing about it is that Joe looks and sounds like a physically aged, weak man whom none of us can trust to make any kind of decision.

Honestly, I wouldn’t trust someone like Biden to take care of my house trees, and 90 percent of them are fake, so how bad is that. How little faith I have in this person. And I’m not alone.

More news: A journalist has finally fully investigated Biden’s “childhood stuttering”

I know most people don’t want to say that out loud – PC Marxism did that – it took the truth out of the conversation, and that’s why you get into such a fuss … pretending to be a ragging dementia patient to run the country.

And our media is shameless and dangerous Lapdog. They test nothing; They simply take their “messaging marching order” and go on their happy path …

Did you know that there are still journalists and scholars who say that if Joe Biden is “unchained” by his staff and allowed to speak to the American people, only he knows how, his message will eventually be broken and his vote will increase. ?

LOL, seriously … they say this thing.

That’s right, if the old “1992 Joe” can be republished, everything will be fine.

The problem is, “1992 Joe” has been lost in the Tapioca Sea for decades now.

Now, I don’t know if these people are brain dead and actually believe in this whiff, or do they know that Joe is a “Gonar” and is running unreasonable propaganda to keep the ship afloat for a while longer.

Either way, it’s scary … and what makes it even more terrifying is that Joe Biden believes in himself.

He feels he is not being “used” enough and needs more control and independence.

Good lord, can you imagine?

More news: The Fox News reporter stopped everyone on their track with a tweet: “Does anyone have chest pain after receiving a booster?”

This guy is a confused ticking time bomb, and he’ll blow it up and we’re all on the verge of destruction.

Outside of policy, Biden is dissatisfied with a pattern that has developed inside the West Wing, NBC News reported. He made a clear and concise statement – just to convince the helpers that he really meant something else. The so-called cleansing campaign, he told advisers, crushed him and crushed the truth that led to his rise. Worse, it feeds a Republican speaking point that he is not fully in command.

The issue came to the fore when Biden advertised during a speech in Poland that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot stay in power.” Within minutes, Biden’s aides tried to retract his remarks, saying he had not called for Putin’s removal and that US policy had remained unchanged. Biden was outraged that his comments were seen as untrustworthy, arguing that he was telling the truth and reminding his staff that he was the president.

Asked about the staff’s practice of clearing Biden’s remarks, the official said: “We don’t say anything the president doesn’t want us to say.”


He believes Biden has helped the country, especially the economy, by not getting credit from the Americans or by helping with the activities of the news media. The unemployment rate fell below 4 percent – the pre-epidemic level – but the poll indicates that most Americans believe the economy is in bad shape. Biden complained that Republicans are not getting their share of the blame for legal complications in Congress, while he has been repeatedly blamed for not passing his agenda.

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The president also told allies that he did not think enough Democrats would go to television to protect him. A particular sore spot is a decrease in its number of poles; He is mysterious that his approval rating has dropped to a level closer to that of his predecessor, Donald Trump, whom historians have ranked as one of the worst presidents in history.

Another person close to the White House said, “He’s lower than Trump now, and he’s really got it twisted.”

When you read this thing, you wonder what all these people are living in “reality”.

I realize that Joe Biden doesn’t know much better.

He’s a sick, frail old man who still feels like he looks and sounds like he’s in his 40s or 50s.

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But the rest of the world should know better and be honest before every wheel of this restless old wagon is blown away which we are all stuck in.

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We found the new “Chris Wallace” and this time it’s a woman … and she can

When Chris Wallace left Fox News, many conservatives thought his biased, nasty and dishonest reporting style was a thing of the past.

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Well, if you thought that, you were very wrong.

We found the new “Chris Wallace” and this time it’s a woman and she could actually be worse

Who is it?

None other than Wallace’s replacement, Fox News Sunday host Sandra Smith.

She is absolutely helpless.

So much so that investigators of the movie “2000 Mules” call him “stupid.”

This was fatally wrong when Sandra Smith interviewed Moe Brooks about the Senate runoff race in the early Alabama election.

More news: The Fox News reporter stopped everyone on their track with a tweet: “Does anyone have chest pain after receiving a booster?”

Smith has made his internal “CNN hack” channel and called anyone who questions Brooks and the 2020 Syrian election a “conspiracy theorist.”

Smith tried to trip Brooks using the tired old “court found no evidence of widespread fraud” song and dance.

But the mail wasn’t it. “Time is running out! Don’t go in there! Whoever wins the federal election is not a court of law Congress! It is required by the US Constitution!”

The fireworks continued and then when Moe cited the movie “2000 Mules” as evidence of widespread deception, Smith started a new song and dance, where he tried to discredit the movie.

Sandra claimed the image was “debunked” because Reuters and others did their “data-check”.

Ha ha ha


Are Reuters and others counting ballots, checking signatures and interviewing people for “data-checking”? I’d like to see that report.

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Moe had enough সহ with the standard “Deep State” response “I’m sorry, Sandra, but other people have tested it and found that you are absolutely wrong, Sandra! But keep up the good content.”


Maybe Sandra should see almost every poll that shows that most Americans think the 2020 election was influenced by fraud.

Are we also conspiracy theorists?

Well, Greg Phillips, one of the “2000 mule” investigators, saw what happened and called Sandra and Fox News in this horrific message:

Get angry

We no longer have a “news” network. All this is just disguised opinion as news.

And as you know it is a complete farce that no mainstream media outlet has conducted any investigative approach to the 2020 election. They rely solely on random “fact-checkers” who are all liberal, and do not investigate anything sitting in a room, they simply “decide” what “information” and “fiction” are based on their own political ideology.

What a dishonest scandal.

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This is the same junk Chris Wallace did – so, it’s not “Wallace” that’s the problem – it’s Fox News.

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A journalist has finally fully investigated Biden’s “childhood stuttering”

There are many things that bothered me about the so-called “presidency” of Joe Biden, but one thing that got me a lot under my skin was this claim about his childhood stuttering.

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It annoys me that our media and politicians are telling us that a person who seems to have a ragging case of dementia is behaving this way only because of childhood stuttering.

This is the biggest and most dishonest scandal, and to call it an insult to our intelligence. And what’s even more annoying is how the media deals with this fraud, as if somehow, Biden, wandering around, is completely lost on the 10-foot stage, as he stutters as a child… or Biden confuses his sister with his wife, or one after the other. One over-the-top lie, because he stutters at such a young age, such a heinous mockery of mental health and speech challenges, I can’t do that either.

More news: Biden’s team seems to have a new plan to deal with those pesky “dementia-like” moments

It spills my blood to the level that these rogue politicians will go down to freely load the American people.

Another problem with this so-called “childhood stuttering” claim is that the media repeats these nonsense without their work and investigation.

Has anyone on ABC News or CNN actually sat down and watched clips of the former Biden for hours on end to see if “stuttering” was a big part of his public adult life?


They simply take the story at face value and run with it. No “data-testing” is required, apparently.

Well, I’m thrilled to learn that a conservative journalist has done what the mainstream media should have done in 2019. He went back and listened to Joe Biden’s 43-hour clip from 1986 to 2018, to find that infamous “childhood stuttering”.

And what he discovered is quite interesting.

I don’t want to ruin it for you, because the whole article is really interesting and worth reading from beginning to end… I will link to the last part of this summary.

Suffice it to say, the media should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

The author’s name is Poppy Fields, and he calls what he did “Joe Biden Childhood Starter Project.”

I started the Starter Project by logging on to and typing “Joe Biden” into the search box. I sorted my clips from “old to new”. My goal was to investigate the types of Joe’s lectures from the mid-80s to 2018. I thought these dates were wide enough to search for stuttering.

I used “notes” on my Mac to keep track of everything. I have listed all the clips by date, from the oldest to the newest. I wrote the title of the clip, the length, the link and my thoughts and observations. If I get a “stutter” I will put three asterisks next to the clip and note the time of the stutter in my notes so I can get a video of it later.

And speaking of those notes, I’ll include them all at the end of this piece.

I watched and listened to Joe Biden’s nearly 43 hours of lectures, press conferences, debates, Senate chats, interviews, and other bizarre news. I even saw Joe walking in the parade for about 34 minutes, chatting with the parade-passengers.

And what I’ve found is that Joe Biden, though not the most eloquent or inspirational speaker, was actually a pretty good speaker.

He was always a funny joke, and he never took himself too seriously. He was captivating, and he engaged the crowd whether they attended a conference, a journalist or a visitor at home, Joe always felt everyone involved and connected.

One of Joe’s best assets was wearing a variety of hats. Depending on his temperament and subject matter he had different speaking styles and styles. He could be “Ahhh” Joe, or the deeply emotional Joe, or the laser-centered and serious Joe. He knew how to read a room and adapt himself accordingly.

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It took her about a month to complete, and what I like about this piece is that she not only discusses in detail what she has learned about Joe’s style, behavior, and political ideology, but she has recently written about Joe’s. He also found some unique fragments ত stutters, ”and pieces of Obama’s stuttering past. The media’s treatment of Obama’s stuttering is impressive, which was actually very public throughout his eight-year reign of terror.

Here is an example from Poppy’s revolver piece:

Speaking of tactics, the LA Times actually referred to Obama’s stuttering as an “intellectual stammer.”

Here is what journalist Meghan Doom said about Obama’s stuttering:

But consider this: It’s not that Obama can’t speak clearly. It is that he recruited intellectual stammer. Don’t be distracted by stuttering, which the President doesn’t have, the intellectual stun signal a brain that is moving so fast that it can’t keep its mouth shut. Conflicts are commonly found among university professors, between Woody Allen’s film characters and these types of public thinkers who may appear in C-Span but not CNN. If you are a member or fan of that subset, you probably won’t be bothered by the President’s hustle and bustle; In fact, you might even love him for it (he sounds like your grad school roommate, especially when he drinks too much Scotch and tries to explain Hegelian dialectics!)
The truth is that Barack Obama stutters or hangs – whatever you say – much more in his adult years than Joe Biden.

The funny thing is how the media hid Obama’s public stuttering because he was an intellectual and had a stutter under him. But in 2020, the media pushed Joe’s phantom stuttering because he was getting old and stuttering was an excuse for him.

As you may have already noticed, Poppy has proved that Joe Biden’s childhood stuttering did not affect his public life – but much more than that, how he proved it and what he discovered along the way, which I found very interesting. I encourage you to read the whole article Here.

You will not be disappointed.

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Also, he has shared all his notes from the 70+ clips he has seen and an interesting peek into how Joe Biden turned into a monster.

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Radar Online reports Clinton is linked to two recent mysterious deaths

Something very strange is happening in Arkansas.

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Is it a coincidence?


Or is it something else?

I can tell you there are some bizarre relationships with Clinton and that infamous “body count”.

It all started with a 47-year-old woman named Ashley Haynes.

Ashley died in late January. His body was found on the banks of the Arkansas River.

More news: [VIDEO] Joe Biden has just created an “omnivorous” Freudian slip that really says … reports that Maumel police say they have found the body of a paddleboarder who went missing first Wednesday.

In a statement, Maumel Police Department Capt. David Collins said Ashley Haynes’ body was found in the waters north of the Arkansas River around noon Sunday.

This is the area where authorities have been searching for Haynes for three days.

A search team discovered the body and alerted police, Collins said.

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He noted that there were no signs of bad play and that the body would be handed over to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for further investigation.

Haynes was reported missing Wednesday after failing to return home from paddle boarding on the river.

From the surface, it sounds like a tragic paddle boarding accident, doesn’t it?

But things get really weird.

But before that we talk about Mark Middleton again. He is a former Clinton adviser and lawyer who killed himself, although his business partner has said he did not kill himself and has called for an independent investigation.

We’ll get back to Mark in a moment.

Now, the weird part is radar online is reporting something completely different about Ashley’s death.

They say Ashley Haynes found an electric cord attached to a concrete block around her ankle.

They are also reporting that Mark Middleton’s body was found with “the same” electrical cord and a shotgun blast in the chest.

I am going to take a screenshot of the Radar article and post it here in case of change or deletion.

They also report that Mark was in Middleton’s office just before Ashley died. A business associate of Mark’s said he had seen her.

A shocked business associate who knew Middleton and called for an independent investigation into her May 7 death told that it was no coincidence that Haynes, 47, went to Clinton’s now-dead friend’s office to discuss a financial matter.

“I saw him in Mark’s office!” Business partner says. “I was leaving and he (Middleton) was telling me he had a very important financial meeting – and that woman had arrived!”

I’m not sure what to do.

I went online and hunted for some other story that would support the radar report, but I couldn’t find anything.

We have an “official” report that says Ashley was found dead on the riverbank, and no bad game was suspected, and we have the radar version, which says he was found with an electric wire around his ankle tied to a concrete block. Gone.

But there is more. See more of what Radar Online has to say about Ashley:

Haynes, the mother of two in Maumelle’s Little Rock suburb, disappeared on Jan. 12, leaving a note on her kitchen island counter that read, “On the water, I love you.” According to a police report from, he was last seen by a local paddle boarding in a wet suit.

After a thorough search, his body was discovered four days later by a family friend – submerged in 10 feet of water!

“Mr Haynes had a bag tied to his leg with a green extension cord,” the police report said. “Inside the bag was a large concrete block measuring 16x16x4.”
A source close to Haynes, who worked for a charity to feed and clothe the homeless, told Radar that the 110-pound former model became a yoga teacher, never taking his own life – dropping a 58-pound concrete suicide block on a paddleboard down the river!

“It doesn’t make sense, he will never commit suicide,” Haynes said. “I knew in that look that he had disappeared. I don’t believe he committed suicide. How can he throw water into the river with concrete blocks! ”

There are two completely different stories.

I had to see if it was the same person. Could two paddle boarders named Ashley Haynes die on the Arkansas River in January?

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I guess it will remain a mystery, and it equates to anything involved with Clinton.

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“Does anyone have chest pain after getting a booster?”

Fox News host John Roberts stopped everyone from dying on their tracks in a tweet that asked a very simple, but scary question:

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“Q: Does anyone have chest pain after getting the booster …?”

And the reactions are so alarming.

Why would all these people lie about what they are doing and why so many stories are so similar?

Here is the tweet from John on May 18:

More news: Many more big plots are going on for the recent Lie Biden spread

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Here are some of the most annoying and related responses to John’s tweets:

“Yeah but after my initial second Pfizer shot. Before the booster. Now I have a lot of nervous problems.”

“After the first shot, my chest hurt and I was afraid to take any more shots. I asked my doctor and he said if I die I will be the first to know. “

“A few months after my second Pfizer shot, my heart started pounding, my heart stopped beating and I had chest pains. I get very windy when I wake up a lot of the time. I refuse to get another booster now. I have never had a heart problem and I am 51 years old, healthy and of normal weight. “

“I am a FNP of Az. And was an ER nurse through all of Covid. Recently there were 2 close friends have big complications after booster. A 40-year-old MD. She had shortness of breath, chest pain and swelling in both legs. It turns out he was basically after a 2 week boost of heart activity. “

“Brother Boster went to the hospital with chest pain after the booster, and in an emergency Tech said that many men after the booster are seen with booster pain. The brother-in-law then called my husband and told him not to get the booster. “

“My sister-in-law found Pfizer and couldn’t walk for three days. Now he can walk around with a cane. But the doctors told him it was a 100% booster. Only a very rare side effect “

“Four of the medical providers in my office did. The end of all cardiology needs to be seen. Thank God, nothing was permanently diagnosed. Although it is a real side effect. “

“Go to the emergency room, brother. My dad didn’t listen to me and went and took shots and had a huge heart attack 12-15 days later. He got better, and I swear to you, as soon as he felt better, he got the second shot. “

“My nephew had chest pains and they had numerous blood clots in his lungs, legs and heart. Go to an ER quickly and tell them you have a booster. “

“Still trying to recover from # 1 Pfizer last June! There will be no more. There has been a chronic adverse reaction (including chest pain, arrhythmia, but there are also numerous neurological symptoms). Go and check out, but be prepared to gaslight. “

“I experienced chest pain and arrhythmia after the second vaccination which went away several months later and then the problems came back in a few days after receiving the booster in December and I have been working with them ever since.”

“After the second Pfizer shot. I can’t walk 20 feet, I feel like I can’t breathe. Went on the 3rd day. I had fluid in my heart, my heart was enlarged and I had heart failure. I was hospitalized for three days. ”

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Very scary thing.

I sincerely hope these people, and thousands more who commented on that tweet, find peace and healing.

If only people were allowed to talk freely about what was happening to them, without being silenced by social media, and not being demonized by Democrats, we might be able to avoid some of that.

Sadly, we never know how things might turn out …

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The public hearing of the January 6 committee begins on June 9 There is hope

He fought legally for concealing physical evidence from Congress and the public throughout his presidency. He forced his allies to ignore the Congress subpona. However, despite these efforts, which indicate a crime of injustice, democracy is closing in on Trump. The court on Jan. 6 allowed the committee access to the records that led Trump to lie like a mob boss trying to avoid jail. Innocent people do not lie, or evade testimony, or threaten people to be quiet, or blame others for the crimes they have committed. Innocent people are transparent because they can prove their innocence with honesty and proof. As tragic as it is that Americans have chosen an incompetent con artist like Donald Trump, it is even more astonishing to know that there are many Americans who are ignorant and ignorant of what democracy means.

Throughout his career, Trump has used the court system to delay accountability for various law-breaking behaviors. He never behaved like an innocent person. If his voters see his behavior played by a character in an episode of law and order, they will shout “he’s guilty” on their television. Rural America, the greedy rich, the uneducated and reality TV lovers are caught up in Trump’s misrepresentation of how to save America and it is his authoritarian, anti-minority, anti-rule of law ideology that will save America. However, most Americans who expect honesty and competence from a president have always looked through his fake masculinity and his wealth which started with a trust fund that he squandered and realized that his return to wealth was through serial bankruptcy, tax evasion and embezzlement. Has been achieved. Contractors, Trump University students, charities and campaign funds shut down.

Believe it or not, his addicted followers will believe the evidence. The 6th Committee is ready to release information that makes Nixon look like a chair boy compared to Donald Trump. Along with Trump, dozens of his government allies supported his efforts to stop the democratic peaceful transfer of power by the outgoing president.

A representative. Kevin McCarthy One of the most involved in the “big lies” and the corrupt scandal of claiming Trump as a worthy leader of the free world. A few days after the uprising, McCarthy said, “the president bears some responsibility for the attack on the Capitol.” He called on the President to take responsibility publicly. McCarthy’s recent tape recordings with Liz Cheney reveal that he planned to ask Trump to resign over his role in the Capitol attack. “Who knows what Trump used to get him back into the GOP’s corrupt circle Trump may have learned the art of collecting. “Compromise with people like his friend Putin. McCarthy, Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, Mark Meadows and others may have skeletons in their closets that Trump dug up his thugs.”

Marjorie Taylor Green This is a heated mess, and an embarrassment for Congress During his first term in the House, he was removed from his committee for threatening other members, being fined for carrying a gun to the Capitol, promoting conspiracy theories and denying the election. Fame. Paul GosserKnown to his siblings as Waco, who believed in Q’Anon ideology and gave a dog-whistle to assassinate AOC and President Biden in a cartoon posted online. You know. The 6th Committee will include all information and witnesses involving members of Congress in our government’s illegal occupation of the Capitol.

Donald Trump has committed federal crimes that he has publicly heard and seen on video and audiotape. The committee may have more to say to the public on January 6 when the hearing begins. Legal constitutional scholars agree that the judiciary has enough evidence to accuse Trump and others of obstructing justice, spreading dangerous confusion, trying to install fake electors to steal election votes from Joe Biden, and finding the Secretary of State in Georgia. Give him one more vote than Biden so he can win in Georgia. Trump’s infamous statement was, “Then look. That’s what I want to do. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than our vote. Because we have won the state. ”

He spoke like a dictator. He thinks that if he does not like how democracy is run, he can change it. That stupid, delusional, authoritarian, or all of the above? The solution: to avoid being defeated, accuse the winners of rigging the election. If he had evidence of altered vote count, Fox News would have plastered it in a 24/7 loop. He lied, stole, cheated and projected his injustice on others to reduce his shame about losing. The real “big lie” is that Trump is a masculine strong man. He is an insecure, weak, fearful person who sees him as strong enough to fool people using his sheer circumference, height and height. He is fragile from the lens of a mental health professional.

If Trump had not succeeded in stopping a huge cult movement that has overtaken the Republican Party and its electorate, he could have been in jail for so long. Top legal pundits suggest that Attorney General Garland Trump and his conspirators will be neglected in their duties unless they are indicted. If the January 6 committee uses the right level of emotion and apprehension with the truth, the public hearing will not be able to offer any alternative but to convict AG Garland.

In the US we stumble and split stand. Vote for dividers.

There are a lot more big plots going on for the recent Lie Biden spread

The bojo bojo who wanted to start a “ministry of truth” may be the biggest liar in the country.

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Joe Biden lies endlessly.

It is “pathological” at this time.

See, it could just be one of two things. He is either Alzheimer’s and does not understand the truth from fiction, or he is a pathological liar.

Either way, America is confused.

There are a few huge, gross lies that Joe often repeats, and it’s clear why he does it.

The first is the “very fine man” lie, where he claims that President Trump was calling “neo-Nazis” fine people. It was the total load of the horse, and never happened. Trump called those who peacefully attended the protest “good people” in protest of the removal of the Civil War statue. I mean, it’s in the video. If anyone really wants to test it for themselves, they can.

More news: [VIDEO] Joe Biden has just created an “omnivorous” Freudian slip that really says …

That’s exactly what Trump said:

“… you had some very bad people in that group. But you had people who were very good people on both sides. You had people in that group – forgive me, forgive me, I saw the same picture of you. There were some people who were there to protest the removal of a very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee. “

He later added:

“I’m not talking about neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned outright.”

But, Joe still spreads this nonsense to divide the people and falsely portrays President Trump as a “racist.”

The next damaging and dangerous lie Biden spread is that on January 6, the “Deplorables” killed two police officers.

This is a flat-out lie and never happened. Even then the (fake) “president” is allowed to say that?


I’ll tell you why, because it’s part of Joe’s larger plan to attack MAGA. He and his team know full well that this did not happen, but they will spread this lie, so they cannot portray MAGA as a “radical and deadly” political movement.

Brittbert reports that Joe Biden on Saturday falsely claimed that supporters of former President Donald Trump killed police officers during a January 6 riot on Capitol Hill.

The president spoke about the January 6 protests during his introductory speech at the University of Delaware.

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He said:

A group of rebels attacked the Capitol, the stronghold of democracy. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. You’ve heard of a thousand people breaking down the doors of the British Parliament, killing two police officers, vandalizing the offices of members of Parliament, and looting. The British Parliament or any other, what do you think? What do you think?
Biden has previously falsely claimed that Trump supporters killed police officers.

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Cicnic died a day after the attack, but his death was later determined to be due to natural causes: a stroke at the base of his brain stem caused by a clot in an artery.

This is probably the most ill repetitive lie and really shows you the crooked moral character of this old fool.

The unpopular and widely disliked Joe Biden is still doing his worst to reprimand MAGA and the very popular and beloved President Trump and that means if MAGA is falsely accused of killing the police, so be it.

This is how Demra works. We are against this evil … an intelligent fool, and supporters who are so ignorant and dumb, you can tell them something and they will believe it, no questions asked.

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Maybe we really need a “Ministry of Truth” – just to check on Joe Biden …

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The Liberal Reporter tries to catch President Trump in a “guttural moment” but it is

It doesn’t surprise me that liberal journalists still can’t admit that President Trump is popular. They’ve spent the last 7 or so years pretending that Trump’s popularity isn’t real.

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Which is ironic, isn’t it?

Here you have the piles and piles of support of President Trump, which is available for everyone and their brothers to see.

And then there’s Joe Biden, with zero visible support, but he’s the guy who won an estimated “81 million legal votes” and we just have to take it at face value and believe he has support, when there’s no visible evidence.

“Don’t believe your false eyes, believe what we tell you” – Fake News.

One thing and one thing only drives these TDS so-called journalists: “Orange Man Bad.”

More news: [VIDEO] Joe Biden has just created an “omnivorous” Freudian slip that really says …

And it is always counterproductive in their face, because they are harming their profession. Instead of reporting the actual news, they report what they want to see or expect.

This brings us to a liberal reporter named Brian Scott, who was apparently triggered by President Trump’s Wyoming rally. So much so that he lied about it.

Brian tweeted at about 2:30, claiming that President Trump was taking the stage in 30 minutes and then showing a place that was rarely full.

In fact, there were a lot of people outside, and President Trump was not taking the stage at 3 p.m. He was supposed to start the rally at 4 pm. So, Brian still had 90 minutes to go before the assembly started taking those pictures.

However, this is the same tarded “reporter” who docked all the people who donated to Freedom Truckers. He is with the Salt Lake Tribune.

This guy is a real part of the disgusting work.

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Here is what Brian said: “We are about 30 minutes away from the showtime at Trump’s rally in Caspar and there are a lot of empty seats on the field. There’s still a line outside, but I’m not sure how many people are waiting inside #utpol ”

Here is an actual photo of the rally:

And here was the outer line to enter:

Why do they always do it? And every time they do, they get leaked.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“No wonder people are talking about this and not taking you seriously. When your information is unprepared, you look like an idiot. Try to tell some truth.”

This guy is tweeting “Copy Candy” to his liberal followers who eat it like Xanax. If you read the reactions, they’re all jumping for joy that Trump has set a state record for appearances when he’s actually “insulted”. It doesn’t matter, they just want to feel safe. “

“It simply came to our notice then. It is currently in Caspar, WY after 1pm and President Trump does not speak until 4pm.

“These fools do that every time. And every time it blows them away. ”

“Wishful thinking friend. He set a national record for most appearances haha”

“It simply came to our notice then. Strange. ”

I think liberals are so afraid of the Trump incident that they have to pretend it’s not real to deal with it.

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This is how these crazy people are mentally weak and mentally ill.

The opinions expressed by contributors and / or content partners do not necessarily reflect their own and not necessarily those of

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[VIDEO] Joe Biden has just created a so-called “omnivorous” Freudian slip

It seems that the lower the number of Joe’s votes, the more insane he will be.

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His handlers don’t care what the American people think.

If they do, they will look at the vote and say, “Let’s re-adjust it and come up with a new way …”

They don’t and the reason is simple: they are not here for you. They are here for themselves and their communist agenda.

And they know they have a limited amount of time to install their trash and they’re not letting some stupid “approval rating” stop them.

So, as I said, Joe is going crazy because his votes are flowing down the toilet drain… it’s gotten so bad that he can’t cover the “radical stuff” even if he tries.

It oozes out like slim.

More news: Internet recalls last year’s orange offensive #MemorialDay tweet

This is what happened on #MemorialDay, when Biden was discussing “democracy” he had quite a Freudian slip.

Here is what Joe said: “Democracy is not perfect. It’s never been better … perfect. “

You can watch the video below:

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Here’s what people are saying online:

“Biden is no longer hiding his and Obama’s real agenda. This is again 2009-2016. Just bad. “

“Congress should stop giving Americans speeches about guns. The mentally ill president of the United States has the biggest gun to protect him. ”

“Freud, Party of 1 …”

“FFS stops him talking, please … this is madness.”

“When a confused man speaks the truth!”

“Alzheimer’s a bitch ……”

“We are a constitutional republic”

“I try to stay away from politics but this burden makes me sick. I remember the men and women who fought and / or died for our constitution today. “

Trust me, Joe doesn’t think democracy is “good.” And no, not even after Trump broke down the gate.

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Now, all bets are off, and globalist politicians have declared a “war” on the American people and everything we’ve been founded on … all so that they can gain more power and more pockets.

The opinions expressed by contributors and / or content partners do not necessarily reflect their own and not necessarily those of

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