192 R’s Dems voted against the “Baby Formula” package because they dropped a raise

There is a lot of talk today about 192 Republicans voting against the 28 28 million “Baby Formula” package.

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Demra is trying to turn it around, it’s now GOP’s fault.

Oh, no … and not so fast, there’s a very good reason for R’s not to support this crazy package … The Dames was able to raise one for the idiots at the FDA – who made this whole mess in the first place.

Can you believe it ??

More news: Missouri Republican senator’s son works with Soros-linked group to tank “voter ID” in Michigan

Here’s what Rep. Massey has to say about the FDA and the infant formula disaster:

Rep. Massie R-Ky., Targeting the Federal Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, blamed federal agencies for the shortage and price of meat and baby formula.

“@US_FDA has had the same effect on baby formula as @USDA has had on meat processing in the United States,” Massey said on Twitter on Tuesday. “US-DUH and F-DUH are working every day to keep prices high and supply low, and ensure that no new business can enter the market.”

Massey’s comments came as the FDA and Abbott Nutrition came close to an agreement to reopen a baby formula plant in Michigan that closed after a massive withdrawal of the formula in February.

The deficit peaked when the FDA shut down a major child formula plan in Michigan, without a “backup plan.”

Some also question why the FDA shut down the plant, instead of working on a problem, to make sure it doesn’t happen.

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The FDA, Biden Administrator and Dames once again threw the ball completely.

It’s becoming very common, isn’t it?

Conservative scholar Greg Price posted this on Twitter: “Democrats plan to address child deficit The 192 Republicans who voted against the FDA’s $ 28 million” salary and spending “increase, the agency responsible for the crisis in the first place ৷ they are not the work of the FDA. Raising one to do. “

Here is a closeup of the image:


Why on earth would we reward incompetence and stupidity? This is surprising, unless you realize that the most incompetent and failed political party in history is pushing it.

It’s all understandable when you think of it this way.

These Dame Buffons are failing in ways no one could have imagined, yet they are still looking for rewards for their participation.

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It happens when you have a bunch of nervous millennials running the country.

Spread the truth of these votes far and wide so that Demras do not shy away from their lies.

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